Incorporating men’s skincare…

I’m always in search of something to help me with my oily skin.

The newest primer on the market? I hunt down the stores that carry them.

My skin, despite the moisturization routine, just seems to ooze oil. It is a pain, but I try and deal with it.

In any case, while browsing Sephora late at night, I came across this product.

Anthony Logistics

The fact that it says ‘for Men’ did not deter me. I mean why should it??

So into my virtual basket it went, and in a week I had it in my hands.

Anthony Logistics for Men Instant Fix Oil Control $34CAN

Anthony Logistics

Anthony Logistics

I made the mistake of using more than a pea size when I first got it. Basically just follow the instructions. You can use a little more, but if you are using double the amount, it does tend to flake/roll off. So really, it is better to start with just a little, and work in more if needed.

It was hard to take capture the difference it made to my skin, so I didn’t bother. Basically, this reminds me of the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector $44CAN. The one thing I liked over the Becca, was that it didn’t overly dry out your skin if you didn’t work it properly. The Becca, if you rubbed it in, would create lines that make it look as if it dried out your skin. It was the main reason the SA at Sephora didn’t really recommend to me, as you need trial and error time.

Anyway, what I did like was that I can tote a little around with me, and apply it to areas that needed some help. You can see that it does mattify, but doesn’t look unnatural.
The one thing I absolutely hate about the product, is the way it dispenses. If you look at the picture, there is a slightly hollow area around the hole.

Anthony Logistics

So when you wipe the product, the product clumps into that hollow area. Then it dries, gets crusty, and just ugly to look at. So I do rinse the cap once in awhile.

Anthony Logistics


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