Miss Manga Mascara…

Hello dear readers.
Sorry for the rather long absence from the blog in respect to reviews and rambles. Semester ended, semester started, life, laziness, and enjoyment all got in the way of me sitting down and editing pictures. But I have missed it, so slowly coming back :)

So moving along, today I wanted to share about a mascara I picked up last month.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
(Miss Manga pictured along with a few of the manga series that I have in my collection)

Knowing a lot of Toronto Beauty Bloggers has its hazards.

Recently, one was that they all posted awesome pictures of receiving the new Loreal Miss Manga mascara to try out (they even got the coloured ones that will release apparently in August, according to Jill).

Anyway, the packaging was cute, and I just happened to find that they were on sale at SDM. So I scooped it up for $6CAN at SDM.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
Miss Manga is Lorea’s answer for the manga or anime nut, to acheive the long lashes we see in the artwork. However, when I actually think of lashes in manga or anime, I actually think of Sailor Moon’s Usagi (aka Serena as we know her in North American 90’s dubs). She has like 3-5 lashes :P

(On that note, did anyone see Crystal?? I was a little disappointed, and even more so to find out it will only release every two weeks OTL)

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
As you can see, I got the waterproof version, as I am on the last leg of my Fairy Drops Volume Burst Waterproof mascara.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
The tapered design is to help you reach all the hard to reach lashes, and makes it a little more easier to handle when it stand it upright to coat your lower lashes like I do.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
The key to this wand is the 360 movement wand…but personally I find it the worst quality, at least for my own use.

You see, I find it too flexible that I cannot push up on my lashes like I would with my other waterproof mascaras. Because of this, I lose the extra lift I would usually get. Not a huge deal if you don’t mind being careful and giving your lashes a light squeeze with your curler. But I like to avoid that as waterproof ones tend to be a little sticker and stick to the curler.


I was willing to ignore that, and the fact that it doesn’t volumize my lashes as much as would have liked…mainly because of its extreme lashes abilities.

I can apply this in the morning, then 14 hours later, it still looks just as fresh. Even if the rest of my face has melted off, or shifted due to my oily skin. So the fact that I don’t experience flaking or smudging at all, is really a huge plus in my books. That is why I am willing to put aside the not so volumizing part of the formula. Besides, I like layering mascara’s, so I can always use something else, and use Miss Manga to seal it in. (I was recently in Niagara for a friends Bachelorette, and Miss Manga stayed put for 18hrs! :D)

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Well then…what’s the verdict?
Price is a huge thing for me, but seeing as I was spending about $15CAN for Fairy Drops (which was my previous HG), the regular price of about $11CAN for Miss Manga isn’t bad at all. However, since I snagged mine at $6, I would definitely keep an eye out for sales. That being said, I know I would pick up another eventually (though I do have a lot of other formula’s to get through, like my love Marcelle and their Mascara raincoats :P). Now I have read with other bloggers that they experienced smudging. I’m lucky I haven’t, but lately am using mineral foundations, or BB creams. The lack of oil might have helped in that area. However I do have a monolid, and don’t really use primers lately, and yet still haven’t had issues. So if you do give it a try, I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)


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