What do you do…

…when a product under performs, or there is a packaging issue?

Typically I make the issue known to the brand by way of Twitter, or email. Like the Hourglass incident a while back..

Usually brands are nice enough to send you a replacement, or hassle-free return.

This one is a bit unusual though.

It cosmetics

I bought mine through The Shopping Channel at the end of November. And then tried using it at the end of January (or February). I immediately put it back down, as something was off to me.

I squeeze to use it, but nothing came out. So I kept squeezing…and squeezing…until it did eventually come out. But I had squeezed out air for nearly half of what the volume was supposed to be O___O

It cosmetics
It cosmetics

I’m not sure if it was just because there was a packaging issue, or if it really is not filled all the way (I’m assuming the former based on the volume stated on it).

The thing is, I sent emails to The Shopping Channel. A few actually, and didn’t hear back from them. They have a lot of customers, so after my failed attempts, I emailed It Cosmetics directly. Same deal. Seeing as they have been really popular for a while now…I chalked it up to a loss. I didn’t mind too much seeing as I only paid about $15 after using a giftcard I received for attending an event. But if I didn’t, I probably would have hounded them more.

Anyway, what do you do when you find a bit of an issue with a product you recently picked up? Return, exchange, give up?

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