Are you a fan of liquid illuminators?

Back in the end of winter, I got an email from Sephora that they had a promo where we could redeem a free full size NARS Illuminator with our purchase. Of course I got suckered in a bought one. I mean full size?! I missed out on the Dior Lipstick, so I knew I had to get on this. So I did.

NARS Illuminator

The reason why they were giving these away, was primarily due to the fact that NARS was redoing their packaging, and the Illuminators are now in shorter wider squeeze tubes with a flip top.

I don’t mind.

But I haven’t used a lot of liquid highlighters, so that was the tricky part. I have used Benefits High Beam, and Banilla Co’s Moonlight, but this wasn’t like those at all.

NARS Illuminator
NARS Illuminator
NARS Illuminator

First off, the NARS Illuminator in Orgasm, had more slip to it. On my oily skin, it didn’t quite dry down. So if I wanted to use it under something, it would kind of shift about. Second, It seemed to chunky for me, which made it noticeable when I mixed it in with my foundation or whatever. BUT, if I layered a light blush over it, it really made it pop as the flecks reflected the light more. That part I absolutely loved.

A little goes a long way with this, so though it is a tad expensive at $36CAN (@Sephora), but again it goes a long way. Plus it comes in 4 different colours. I probably won’t get another, as I want it to be a more dry type of product, but that is merely preference. So I’ll stick with my powder illuminators :)


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