Working in a new gel liner into the routine…

Several weeks back, I put in another order with Sephora. Then I realized that I got hit with duties. I knew they were charging them, but they changed the cash out page, so I didn’t realize that the taxes and duties were combined in to one calculation. It wasn’t like that before, as it would show the taxes and duties separately. I was insulted that they were suddenly being so devious in charging their customers. It seems to flirt back and forth, so I am more careful in putting orders with Sephora now. I still have an issue with the CS though, as I tried to return it after calling in, and they told me I could receive duties back in store. Nope. So need to call them back and tell them that they were wrong, and I want my moola back. We will see how that goes. #endrant

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

So I needed a new cream liner as I wanted to put the new Real Techniques Silicone Liner to the test. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this, and am so glad that I did. It was only $6CAN (well $8/9 if we factor in the additional duties they charged me), and on clearance. You might be able to catch them on the website sale page, as it constantly comes back in stock, but generally YMMV. I wish I had gotten to these sooner, so I could have grabbed the black.

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

First, I mean look at how pretty the shimmer bits are in the gel. The picture isn’t accurate in terms of colour, but that shimmer!

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

In any case, the bronze is just dark enough to wear during the day, to add a hint of definition to my otherwise plain eyes. In addition, I have found it to be incredibly long lasting, as it lasts the 8 hours I am out with no problems.

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

The only problem I did have was with removal. If I didn’t remove it properly, it would flake in to my eyes, or the shimmer would melt into my eyes, and I would be screaming bloody murder. Hot dang does it hurt!

But I mean aside from that…its pretty good haha…

Anyway, I might venture back in to the gel liner scene…we will see. As for now, I am content with this being in my routine, especially for the cheap price I should have paid for this.


2 thoughts on “Working in a new gel liner into the routine…

  1. I’ve been loving using gel liners lately too! This one looks like it would be great as an eyeshadow base too, no? Haven’t tried any of these from Sephora but I might need to now :P

    • right~ Just when they start moving products out, I find something that would be a great multi use product. Hopefully whatever does replace it, ends up being just as great!

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