Trying out a new super glue…

*Products in this post were provided for free through the Insider’s Campaign for LePage. Views and opinions of the products are my own*

Many weeks ago, I was accepted for the Insiders Campaign for the LePage Ultra Gel Control Super Glue.

We usually have one super glue product at home, and I have bought cheap ones on occasion to fix my leather khussa’s.

Now I know superglue isn’t the type of thing I usually post. It is one of the requirements for the campaign, but it is also because it has been so helpful.

LePage Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Mom jokes around with this pot a lot. A Fissler, she says it needs to last til I get married. When pigs fly mother…when pigs fly…lol. Anyway this is quite old, but still in great condition. The only problem was that it recently was dropped, and the handle broke. Its integrity was decreased only because we used to use it on a gas stove, and the fire just damaged it a little too much. In any case, it broke in to pieces. Then came the glue. Now when I was putting it together, we couldn’t find the last piece, so it is missing. However it holds up enough. I don’t want to stress it too much, but I can still handle it with half of the pot filled with water.

LePage Ultra Gel Control Super Glue
I liked that it kept together well under different mediums as well. The plastic and the slightly fuzzy material of the phone case cover. Mom kept dropping her case, and the plastic phone holder wasn’t very sturdy at all. we replaced it with a better case, and it has held up since then. Plus because it was a silicone case, it keeps

LePage Ultra Gel Control Super Glue
I put together a small tray for random stuff. I have had these pieces of acrylic for awhile now, and haven’t done stuff with it as I just couldn’t track down plexiglass glue. Such a pain. Figured I would try this out on it, and well then, it worked out quite good. The only issue was that in comparison to the plexiglass glue, this will stick to anything, so it would stick to the paper underneath it. But, though I won’t trust it to hold very delicate things that might break, it can hold up a decent amount of weight.


3 thoughts on “Trying out a new super glue…

  1. 야’친구. 어떻게 지냈어? it’s me. i read everything but hard to comment on make up stuff, i did pass by the lisa cosmetics sale and wanted to offer my assistance as you requested it publicly but was afraid you would ignore me again. i’ll get to my once-a-year-bother-rasilla-about-being-friends in a sec. you know your fly to the sky post. do you remember there was this girl on soompi who met brian in real life because her cousin or something was brian’s friend. and posted pics of her posing with brian and everybody was like “omgggggggg” etc. she was ok looking too. Why do I still remember that? Along with jihyunee who looked disturbingly similar to BoA. old times.

    I also wanted contacts, but my friend told me a story and now I don’t want them. One of his lady friends got blue contacts because they were all the rage. one time she was talking to my friend and his heart almost stopped while looking at her. Because she didn’t wear prescription glasses, she couldn’t “feel” if the contacts were out of place. they had moved to the side of her eye while she was walking around so she kept talking to people with “double pupils”. did that make sense. so she looked like an alien basically. After hearing this, I never want colour contacts.

  2. i’m sure this superglue must be super or something (similar to crazy glue with the construction man hanging off the side of the A for dear life). But I think maybe you should break the handle back off. It just seems really dangerous to hold a pot of boiling something and trust this glue. My mom bought white ceramic knives and I kept cutting myself non stop while washing dishes because my mind would see white and “default” into thinking it was just plastic. Then I’d grab it and cut my hands. I don’t want you getting hurt. You can call me know it all or talk too much, I don’t mind… be careful.

    I read a post that said ikea wanted to take ikeahackers down. The site’s still working so not sure what’s going on but I hope it stays. also, my BCF (not bfc XD) agrees that ikea quality has gone down a lot in the past few years. Stuff is made using cheaper materials and doesnt last as long. I feel the same. oh well..

    I remember you commandeering the GF1 camera. See, it is bulky! with the lens sticking out and having to change lens to do different things, it doesn’t suit our purpose of being small and pretty yet taking universal shots! I gave up on those cameras – listen to me and save up for an S110. Not toooo expensive. Definitely doable and comes in white. our favourite colour as it resembles _ _ _.

    I also remember your reasons for being in NYC, in an email you told me about that. I feel we would be really good real friends rasilla. I go through similar problems in life (which i will blog about soon hint). It had a positive impact on me religiously. You are christian. I am christian. You like hoarding external hard drives. I the same. We both know Helen in real life, who has disappeared. Consider my yearly application for friendship. I’ve given up on the label best friend also but that’s because my standards for it are too high. I know how to take care of a friend, trust me.

  3. Go to aquarium just once, i know $30 is too much but it’s a great picture taking opportunity. Just one time.

    Thank you for your encouragement to continue blogging. Yes, not leaving comments is the reason why my blog and twitter have stopped growing. The potential gain is zero now that I dont reach out to people. But I’m glad that a few oldies like you are still around. This year two readers that disappeared years ago came back and followed me on instagram, saying they still read. thats crazy! 4-5 years is such a long time. I must continue *puts on duck face and pumps fist*.


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