Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)

I got Miss Manga mascara by Loreal. Recently introduced, I was bombarded by the images on my social feeds. I have only tried it out the last few days, but so far I am really liking it. It takes a bit of work with the flexible handle, since it works against me, but it lasts over 9 hours without smudging or flaking on my oily skin! That is a success kid meme for me.

I went to Vichy at the Eaton Centre, to get my skin analysized. I wasn’t really told much more than what I really knew, but it was interesting to check out regardless. Plus I got some samples. It did help me realize that my Clarsonic might not be doing the job that I wanted it to do, and I was a little stunned by the way that things were phrased, but nevertheless was an interesting experience.

I had the opportunity to party with Annabelle Cosmetics and Shenae Grimes-Beech at the Arcadian Court last week. It was a fun time as I got to see the bloggers I haven’t seen in awhile (I don’t get the chance to go to the events most of them do~). Plus I got to see the lovely Isabel, and Melanie as well! In any case, I was freaking out about what to wear that day, but in the end all the fun made me realize that we need to be comfortable in our own skin, no matter the circumstance.

My poor iPod Touch. I know its old, but I still felt sad. Oddly my dry shampoo that I had in my bag, leaked ONLY on to the iPod :T So I am trying to see if I can dry it out. But it was already drying…and there was a white residue. Fail.

Pandoa is having a special promotion, where you buy two rings, and get one ring free. I wanted to get something for my friend, so we popped in to get our rings. I actually want more, but since the promo ends June 30th, I have some time. I also popped in to Sephora to snag my free (no purchase needed) sample of the new Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real PushUp Gel Liner (was a VIB Rouge only promo).

So, Atom美/atomy/애터미, is a Korean line of skincare. I don’t know too much about it, but my friend recently received a few of them as gifts. So I will get a chance to try out the AC Solution (acne), and I got to use her hand cream (pictured). The scent of this smells VERY familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. Smells good though.

FingerPaints Jacqu-art and Snow Globe Shimmer. I don’t have a lot of time the next two weeks, so I figured I would go the gel polish route, and did them last Monday. I used regular craft glitter that I had on my ring finger.


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