My first venture into Hyaluronic Acid

I had seen the words “hyaluronic acid” thrown about, but didn’t really pay any attention to it. That was until I saw Makeup Withdrawl’s comparison post HERE. Simple, straight forward, and informative. I’m not getting any younger, and will be hitting yet another life milestone in just over 6 months. So I figured I needed all the moisture I need for this hide of mine.

Hyaluronic Acid ventures...

I didn’t know which one to pick when I bought mine, as there were different types. I ended up going with the one that was on promo, and was a bonus size at the same time. So it was the collagen version of JuJu Cosmetics which I bought from Sasa. They don’t have the collagen one anymore, but you can get the regular one if you are interested. I believe I paid about $12-15US at the end of last summer.

Hyaluronic Acid ventures...
In any case, I have enjoyed using since last August. I usually tip the bottle so that I have a few drops on my palm, spread it about on both hands, and lightly pat my face with it. I don’t rub because it does get stickier faster. So a few pats, and I let it be. The opening isn’t so larger that it flows out. Rather it kind of dribbles out, which allows you to control how many drops you want.

Hyaluronic Acid ventures...
Hyaluronic Acid ventures...

Hyaluronic Acid ventures...
It is refreshing, and my skin just felt nicer in the mornings. So I figured, I would buy another and decant it in to a spray bottle…which I did. I ended up getting the another brand Hadalabo, but in the refill packaging. They don’t have the one I bought anymore, but they have the light version for $19US here.

Anyway, so have you jumped on the hyaluronic acid bandwagon yet?


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