New to me Balms: Bare English & Co and Live Clean Lovely Lips

My lip balm addiction starting in the mid 90’s, when I was addicted to Mint Blistex and Carmex in a pot. Addicted.

All the other girls at my school were using Carmex…and well once I tried it, it was game over

Even now, I ensure that I have some sort of balm on night, so that I was wipe off dead cells in the morning, leaving me with a great canvas to paint on.

So since there are new brands out there, especially those that are supposed to be on the natural side, I figured I would branch out a bit.

New to me Lip Blams

New to me Lip Blams


Bare English & Co – Tea Infused Organic Lip Balm in Pomegranate Berry
New to me Lip Blams
New to me Lip Blams
4.44mL (4.44g)
Found at Rexall, SDM, other locations,

I got this mainly because I was browsing at Rexall, and noticed this in the clearance section. Then when I realized that it was in pomegranate, I knew I had to buy it.

Oblong shape.

It actually smells quite yummy.

What I really appreciated was the fact that the expiry date was clearly labeled on the back. Being natural product, this is important to me as they tend to expire quicker. I know in terms of lip balms, that the wax and oils give you a long time anyway, but still. It is a nice assurance for people like me who would love to have expiry dates on all the products she buys.

The other thing is, I liked the simplicity. If you notice the packaging picture, there is the ingredients, the directions, company info, and product name. Done. I know others might want the benefit of more info, like the Live Clean one, but I was fine with that.

Because coconut oil is the first ingredient, I did find the product slippery, but in a good way.

The only thing I don’t like, is merely preference. I actually do not like the oblong shape. I like applying things to my lips, and not having to look down to ensure I am slapping the cap on correctly. The circular ones let you do that, this doesn’t. I almost capped it wrong once, which would have been bad, as it would have sliced the product.

There are 7 different ones in the line, and you can check them all out on the website HERE


Live Clean – Lovely Lips Soothing (Minty)
New to me Lip Blams
New to me Lip Blams
4.25g (4.25ml)
Found at Walmart, select SDM, Rexall,, other locations

The first Oblong shaped balm I tried. There was a coupon for this a little while back, so I bought this with it. As mere preference, I do not like the oblong shape. But that is almost the only thing I didn’t like.

I liked that they labeled that they were “Proudly Canadian”, and that hey are “certified organic by Oregon Tilth”. I don’t know who that is, but if something being organic is important to you, this takes a little bit of guess work out of it. A blend of a lot of different oils and beeswax, I found that mine was a bit gritty at first, almost as if the wax wasn’t blended properly. Rubbing my lips together a few times fixes that issue quickly.

The mint scent isn’t strong, and doesn’t really feel overly minty on the lips.

It is heavier on the lips in comparison to the Bare English & Co, more like Blistex texture, and heavier than Burts Bees stick blams. So it feels more like it sits on the lips, rather than sinking in to it. So like a barrier really. Which is explained by the fact that it contains beeswax (cera alba). That isn’t to say that it is a huge negative, just depends on the person, cause others might appreciate the fact that it seals in your natural…moisture? I don’t know how to quite phrase that.

The line actually has a moisturizing (blue) and protecting (yellow) balm as well.


If I had to choose, I would prefer the Bare English & Co over the Live Clean, mainly because I like my products with a little more give in terms of slip. I didn’t actually realize I had a preference, til my friend told me about it when I suggested she try out my fav cheapy balm the Dasani ones.

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