What do you think of shadow pencils?

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…Personally am a fan. It all started out with the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil. The thing is, they are easy to use, and easily toteable. On top of that, recently a Korean Blogger/Vlogger posted a video on doing your whole face with just the pencils that were made by Etude House.

The main reason I like them, though, is just the simplicity. Plus, they are just so hard to stop collecting when they store so well as well.

So it was nice to see in my Beauty United box last month.

CoverGirl Shadow Pencils

CoverGirl Shadow Pencils
Crystal Flame, Ginger Flame, Melted Caramel Flame, Ashen Glow Flame, Ice Flame, Silver Flame, Red Hot Flame
(I already had Crystal Flame, Silver Flame, and Red Hot Flame from the winter, so I added those too.)

CoverGirl Shadow Pencils
CoverGirl Shadow Pencils

There are 10 colours in the line, which you can check out HERE.

The pencils can be used on their own, over UDPP if you have oily skin, or as a cream base. It can help those dry pigments, or loose shadows something to grab hold to.

Generally I find them easy to work with. Not too stiff that they refuse to blend, but not too smooth that the blending brush rubs away the colour.

The main issue for some is the fact that these are sharpened pencils. Twist ups are usually nicer, but as long as you find a good sharpener, these aren’t too bad. The problem is that the sharpeners tend to not fit a lot of pencils. I have a Dior Sharpener, and it is a little too big for these, but I just hold them in the centre and sharpen away. No issues for me. Just be very careful that you don’t end up with too many jagged edges that can scratch your skin.

My personal favourites in order are:

Melted Caramel Flame
Ginger Flame
Ashen Glow Flame
Silver Flame
Red Hot Flame
Crystal White Flame
Ice Flame

Ice Flame is the last mainly because I couldn’t get it to work for me very well. So I end up using it as a cream base for other shadows.

Do you have a stack of shadow pencils at home?? Can’t wait to find the new Essence ones, or wait for the sale on the GOSH Forever Shadow…*drool*

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