Cool As A Cucumber…

Wet n Wild ColorIcon ‘Cool As A Cucumber’

Wet n Wild Cool As A Cucumber

For me, and the price I snagged this at…it is worth having for the green shadow.

Ooops. I guess I jumped ahead of myself.

So I went to Buffalo a few weeks back, mainly because my mother wanted to shop, and I needed a mini get away from the stuff in my life.

The first stop we made…was at Kmart.

I had seen pictures on Instagram that they were having clear out sales, and people were snagging awesome stuff at dirt cheap prices!

Unfortunately I didn’t get as lucky…

But I managed to snag this Wet n Wild trio for 80 cents!

Wet n Wild Cool As A Cucumber


I was drawn to it because of the green eyelid colour.

Wet n Wild Cool As A Cucumber
Wet n Wild Cool As A Cucumber

The crease colour, purple, is quite muted. It is also pretty hard to work with. It just refused to detach itself from the pan! So the arm swatch is a VERY heavy application of it. I will still use it though, to darken up the outer edge of an EOTD. The harder a dark shadow is to work with, I find is easier for me to have more control. So not complaining too much about it. The Browbone colour is a little too light for me, and does tend to look a tad chalky. Not too sure what to do with this one…but I supposed I can find a use for it somehow.

Back to the beautiful eyelid green colour, it reminds me of the Loreal Infallible in Emerald Green. Not exactly, but distant cousins (which basically means they don’t, but just tend to remind me of each other).

Wet n Wild Cool As A Cucumber

I used the Trio, Annabelle Retractable Eyeliner in Twilighting*, and Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara*.

In any case, this is my third Trio from Wet n Wild, and I can see myself getting more in the future. Especially if there is a crazy sale on them ;P

*Some products in this post were provided for review purposes, views and opinions about products are my own*

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    1. It is pretty nice, despite being a tad dry. I don’t wear them enough, but purples are gorgeous too :D

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