oh so Applelicious…

NYC Applelicious

New York Color Applelicious

Applelicious Pink 355 & Chocolate Apple 352
NYC Applelicious

I was first introduced to this new product by reading the blog post by Meredith @Et Tu and You. She raved about them, so they were on my list to eventually try out.

Well luckily I was gifted a “Two for One” pack by Sparkled Beauty, which meant that I finally got to check out something! I mean I had been delaying it cause I was waiting for a decent sale to use my coupon. It isn’t that they are overly expensive though. At Walmart they are priced at $2.97, but you can get two for something ($5 I think?), as part of their multi-buy deals.

There is a slight scent to the product, I guess it is to mimic apple. It isn’t overly strong for me, but not a huge fan either. But at least it doesn’t smell chemically.

NYC Applelicious
Applelicious Pink gives off a more obvious lip colour change, but again not too over the top.
Chocolate Apple is closer to my lip colour, but adds a sheen to it and darkens it just a tad.

NYC Applelicious

Chocolate Apple is on the top, Applelicious Pink is on the bottle. The first picture has the balm on the bottom lip, and the second picture is on the whole lip.

What I liked best about these was the fact that, despite the sheen of colour, I could apply them without a mirror. I didn’t have to worry too much that it didn’t outline my lips evenly.

Not too bad to check out.


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