Checking out the Silicone Liner Brush

A little while back, a blog appeared on my doorstep. I was not expecting it, so I was pretty excited to see what it contained.

Ecotools Konjac Sponge
Inside the box was this, amongst other things (one of which I wrote about HERE).

The Silicone Liner Brush
The Silicone Liner Brush
The Silicone Liner Brush
Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush
Available at FarleyCo Website, select Pharmasave, and select Familiprix.

The Silicone Liner Brush
The Silicone Liner Brush
So what is cool about this?

Well the fact that this does not have bristles is a start! It is a slender, pointed tip, silicone piece. Basically the idea is that it will give you a cleaner, more precise lining of your eye.

Did it do what it claims?

For me…no. I really had a lot of trouble with this. One of the things was the fact that using a gel liner meant that I had to dip it in to the product several times. Because it merely wraps the product around itself, once you glide it along your eyelid, you need to redip as it has been already applied. So to line my eye, it took about 4 dips per eye. If you can manage multitasking, if you turn it while pulling along the lash line, then you can continue the line. However I lack those skills as I’m focusing real hard to make my line straight lol.

It also stated easy to clean, but because of the seam on it I found I had to scrub at the edge to get rid of the gel liner. I soaped it up, and still found it took extra care to clean properly.

What it can help you with, is to make a really precise flick. So what I ended up doing was using it to ‘outline’ what I wanted, then using the regular brush to fill in. If you master the learning curve, then you might find this a great help. It is also very flexible, so you can maneuver it whichever way you want.

The Silicone Liner Brush
Top to Bottom
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner (felt)
Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush*
Ecotools Eyeliner Brush

The Silicone Liner Brush

Let’s start with the darker three lines from the top. I used the Aqua Liner as my guide. The first line is the liner directly from the Aqua Liner, the second and third were made using the Silicione Liner Brush that was was dipped in to the Aqua Eyes. Notice how the product skips. Otherwise the product would run out, and become a thinner line.

The next four lines (brown) were made using the Sephora Gel Liner. The first two were made using the Silicone Liner brush, the last two were made with the Ecotools Eyeliner Brush. You can see that the Silicone Liner Brush is far thinner than the Ecotools Brush, but was more inconsistent for me in its lining. In addition, it was two passes for each line that was made with the Silicone Liner brush, where the Ecotools Brush was done in one.

So in the end, this was a bit of a fail for me. I wanted to like it, as it sounded like such a great option. I mean, ingenious idea to start. Just didn’t work for people like me who might not have patience. But I liked that it got me back in the gel liner game! I haven’t used gel liners in about two years. I used the Costal Scents ones daily back a few years back, then transfered to pencils as it was generally faster to do. But wow. How I have missed the precise lining by the gel liner brushes :D

*Some products in this post were provided for sampling purposes. Views and opinions of the product are my own*


4 thoughts on “Checking out the Silicone Liner Brush

    • Glad I’m not the only one. There are others who did so well with it…just didn’t work for my daily routine :(

  1. I know what you mean.. I think maybe if they made the brush different, something other than a silicone tip, it would be able to hold the liner better but maybe they were just thinking about making a brush that requires less clean up?

    • No idea…I know others raved about it, but for the gels I was using it didn’t help very much. Plus I’m impatient lol so taking time to line my eyes is not my thing >_<

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