Venus Snap!

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Gillette Venus Snap!

In all seriousness…isn’t this cute?! Okay, maybe I am a little biased, as I think anything mini is cute. So how could a travel size, completely tote-able razor NOT be cute to me?!

I had first seen an image of the Venus Snap in a magazine. I think that it was in Elle Canada. Not 100% sure though. In any case, I had hoped that this would eventually make its way in to my greedy little hands…and they did :D

Gillette Venus Snap!

Gillette Venus Snap!
You can see in the previous pictures, that there are holes. That allows for the razor to air out, decreasing rusting, and making sure that it is ready for your next shave.

Here is more picture spam of the razor…
Gillette Venus Snap!
Gillette Venus Snap!
Gillette Venus Snap!

To release the cartridge, you just press the button…
Gillette Venus Snap!
Gillette Venus Snap!
then POW, it flies off. So you might want to be careful, but otherwise tres fun to play with…

Gillette Venus Snap!
The bulk of the case could have been a little flatter. It is more bulbous than I would like, but I assume that is for better protection for the razor. Also the handle does take a little getting used to. I mean we are so used to thin and long handles. This shorter and wider one takes a few seconds to get used to, but you can make it work. I also love that, just like the rest of the razors, the heads are interchangeable. So you can buy which ever one suits your needs the best.

Now on its own, it is quite pricey. I believe the SRP is about the $15 mark. BUT I noticed at Target last week that they have a little value kit out!
Gillette Venus Snap!
So if you are interested, I would suggest you check out Target to see if you can snag this. You get the cream and nail polish, along with the razor for an even cheaper price! How could you go wrong?!

Oh…well you could also try and buy one using the giftcard that you have a chance at winning! Check out my Facebook page HERE to see how to enter :D Giveaway ends June 11, 2014!


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