A pop of pink…I think…

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I know that pinks are hard to wear. Very hard. I mean no one wants to look as though they had Pink Eye, or some other infection/irritation of the eye. I would also agree that you need to find a specific shade of pink that works for you. I mean I do a lot of the darker pinks, cause I have pigments from MAC which I love. However you won’t find me going too light, as they tend to look rather odd on me.

That being said, I am still on the fence about how Fired-Up Pink looked on me…

A Pop of Pink..I think

(I usually leave a little gap in the eyelining for the inner part of my eye, as watery eyes tend to melt it away very quickly)

A Pop of Pink..I think

A Pop of Pink..I think
I used:
CoverGirl Trublend Fixstick in D1-4*
CoverGirl Flamed Out in Melted Caramel 350*
CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Fired-Up Pink 305*
CoverGirl Ink It in Black Ink 230*
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Sheerly Nudes 265*
CoverGirl Bombshell Volume in Brown*

A Pop of Pink..I think
(CoverGirl Sheerly Nudes Quad)

A Pop of Pink..I think
(CoverGirl Fired-Up Pink – over a cream base|dry)

I applied the Fixstick around the eye area, as I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. I then applied Melted Caramel all over the eyelid, and I patted on Fired-Up Pink over it. I used the darker shadow in the Sheerly Nudes quad to emphasize the outer edge. I used the third shadow from the left in the Sheerly Nudes quad to blend out the edge of the pink shadow. I applied Ink It, curled my lashes and slapped on a few layers of Bombshell Volume.

Now I like Fired-Up Pink, however it is a gritty shadow due to the glittery bits. In addition, there is a lot of glittery fallout -___-. So if you want to try and use this, you need a cream base, or maybe a mixing medium to try and adhere it to the lid. I did experience eye irritation, so if I were to use it again, I would spray a setting spray on my finger and pat my eyelid.

In regards to the Sheerly Nudes Quad, oh my goodness. This kind of had potential, but let me down like no tomorrow :(

Basically it doesn’t show up on me (which is technically fine), but I had one heck of a time trying to get any pigmentation. This was not a shadow you could apply with a brush. Works best with your fingers, but even then look me several takes to build up the pigmentation.

A Pop of Pink..I think

A Pop of Pink..I think

A Pop of Pink..I think

Now the Bombshell Volume Mascara has tried to maintain a solid position in my mascara rotation, but finally gave up. It was a neat idea, to provide consumers with two different types of brushes, so that they could achieve lashes that would wow you. My problem with it was that it could not hold a curl, plus the brush on the left was way too chubby. The overall product was a little too thick to comfortably use for my monolids, and I ended up having to use makeshift mascara guards to ensure I wasn’t getting this all over my eye. I have seen other results from other people, and I gotta say they look great, but unfortunately this was not for me.

But back to the pink eye.

When I put my glasses on, I didn’t look like I was infected, nor did it look completely ridiculous on me. I do think that I should have darkened up the edges a bit more so that it would outline and define my eye more. But there is always next time.

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