CoverGirl Bon Bon

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Spring is usually equivalent to the idea of pastels for me.

I’m not usually a total fan of pastels (I mean it is in between two extremes…make up your mind lol), but when I received Bon Bon to play with, I was intrigued.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant

But oh my.

Pastel nail polish is notorious for being a pain in the butt to work with. I mean I have Revlon one’s, Orly one’s, Essie…OPI…and they all give me grief. That might be another reason why I choose not to work with them.

I know that Bon Bon doesn’t look completely pastel, but it behaved exactly like them.

It was a little thick in texture, which was unlike the line for me, as the others that I have tried were just marvelous. Because of that, I found that it applied very unevenly. You can see it the most in the pinky nail in the picture above.

Then there was the fact that it was patchy. So I tried to do touchups on areas that were a little too sheer. That didn’t end very well.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant

But it looks fairly nice (if you ignore the fact that I had to apply two coats of a top coat to level it off, and the fact that my cuticles are a mess). Just wasn’t the formula that I was used to with the other colours I own.

Wonder what it is about the lighter colours that makes it such a difficult thing to work with?

Anyway, I’m looking at these pictures and am totally jealous of my own nails. I had to to cut them the other night, as I have a lot of typing and writing to do this week. When I have my longer nails, they make more noise when I type on my laptop in class, and makes me feel so guilty (plus it ruins the lecture recordings I take). So my nails are the shortest they have been in MONTHS. I also did that deliberately so that I could see if the new Broadway Nails would fit my nails (which they don’t because even at the shortest possible length of my nails, the nail beds are still too long for the short nails from them). That’s cool though, cause my friends can put them to use for me instead…right…I don’t have to be jealous T___T

Well hope you have all been enjoying this weather! So warm, but I guess many of you are happy now. I’ll try and not say I miss the weather from the earlier part of the year :P


4 thoughts on “CoverGirl Bon Bon

  1. Your nails!!! So long! I found this difficult to apply too but I wasnt sure if it was just me, because other people’s swatches looked soo good haha. It definitely looks better from a bit of a distance :P

    • It was a bit of a pain wasn’t it?! I was so surprised though…love the other ones :P And agreed on them looking better from afar XD

  2. Haha I was just going to comment on how jealous I am of your nails. I’ve had short nails forever because that’s just how I liked them but I’ve recently decided I want to try to grow them out. My pinky is a good length but the rest seem to be taking a while and my index finger keeps breaking!

    • I can’t do short nails anymore, my hands just look so stubby then >_< have you trued changing shape, or filing the sides of your nail a bit? Those two helped to keep my nails stronger.

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