Gotta love products that last…

I should have posted this AGES ago.

But you know me…things just pile up. I actually have pictures and write-ups that I had done over a year ago -___-

Anyway, since I still enjoy using them, I figured I would share.

Today it’s all about Kiehl’s!

I wanted to check out a few products during one of their many promos last year, and I was recommended these by Macnunu (Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque). Because she is also plagued by oily skin, I knew that the stuff that works for her, should world alone the same lines for me cause I am an oily beast as well.

Plus, I am hitting a milestone early next year, and my skin is starting to really show signs of age -___-

So, Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the Rare Earth Pore have been in my rotation for the last year.




The Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque is pretty nice. The problem is that it can be strong for a lot of people. Personally I find that the Queen Helene stings more for me, but there are times that this stings me as well (usually near the monthly). The thing about the masque is that it is to be applied to slightly damp skin. In addition, it is to be applied as a thin layer. Really, because the skin is damp already, you can’t but help to apply it really thin. Just happens. In any case, you apply it for a bit, and remove it. Removal isn’t too bad, as it is already so this to start off.

The masque has been one of the two that I use a lot (in tub version), because it helps to detox the crap out of my adult acne skin. I usually use this after I have extracted, or used a pore strip. Giving it the extra pore care just leaves me feeling that my skin has been cleansed well.

A 150ml tub is $27CAN at Kiehls. If I were ever to repurchase (which I think I will, but it is taking FOREVER to get through this tub O___O), I would probably see if a friend wants to split the tub with me. In any case, it does seem pricey, but seeing as you get MANY uses out of it, it is totally worth it.

After I have cleansed my skin, I usually follow up with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have the 50ml one which is $72CAN at Kiehls.



It comes in a dropper, while is the only flaw for my little bottle. Mine was faulty or something, as I can only pull the amount you see in the picture, no matter how many times I squeeze the dropper. That isn’t too big of a deal seeing as you are only supposed to use a 2-3 drops in the first place. However I like using 4-5 on myself. You probably should apply it straight to the face, but I put it in my palms, and then press my hands on to my face. After I got most of it on the face, I rub my hands, create some heat, and then place them on my cheeks and forehead. It just feels nice :P


Because it is a dry oil, it absorbs in to the skin rather quickly. You will know that it is on your skin, but not in a gross oily way

So I have come to love this. It doesn’t work miracles in the way that it did for Macnunu, but I like using it still, as I do feel moisturized, and it is just a really quick process. Great for me, seeing as I am pretty lazy with skincare (I’m trying to change…I am).

Not too sure how it works for older people. Let my mom try it out for a week, and she returned it back to me. She felt that the effects didn’t last til she woke up. But in the products defence, my mother uses the Estee Lauder Gold Cream (actually named the Re-Nutriv Cream lol but the packaging is gold, thus gold cream :P), and has been a lover of it for the last few years. In comparison to that, nothing seems to stand to the challenge.

I had been thinking of trying the Kiehl’s BB cream, but I think I will hold off on that. The next product I want to try out is for the men, but meh. I use the men’s Anthony Logistic Instant Oil Fix Control, but am really interested in trying out the Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator as well. It isn’t available as of yet, but can’t wait!

So, do you have a favourite Kiehls product? Or a fav dry oil that you use?


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  1. Omgsh I love that mask!! I had a sample of it and went to find it in stores and it was sold out for the longest time.. like months. I need to go get it now :D I have a sample of that midnight recovery but I feel like whenever I use anything with oils, my skin doesnt really like it >.<

    1. My friend had wanted to buy it for me as a bday gift during the winter, and couldn’t find it either. Was OOS everywhere she went. I didn’t know it was THAT popular O__O but hope you eventually find it :) It is a great masque~

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