Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

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Ecotools Konjac Sponge

Many weeks ago a brown box showed up on my door step, VERY unexpectedly.

Excited, I opened up the box to see the glorious picture you have up there!

Why was I so excited? Well I had just bought a new Boscia Konjac Sponge, but was regretting spending $20 on it. So seeing a cheaper alternative definitely put a smile on my face. Plus it meant I didn’t have to wait a month for the ones I order from Sasa.

So today, though I loved trying out all the products in the box, I will be focusing on the Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge aka the Konjac Sponge.

Ecotools Konjac Sponge
Ecotools Konjac Sponge
Ecotools Konjac Sponge
Ecotools Konjac Sponge

Unlike the ones I get from Asia, the Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge comes dry. As you can kind of tell in the picture below, it comes covered in a plastic wrap.

Ecotools Konjac Sponge
Ecotools Konjac Sponge

Ecotools Konjac Sponge

Ecotools Konjac Sponge

(Took a video of me trying to show you how it lathers up…but Flickr and WordPress won’t cooperate for the video. So I have to link it instead HERE, for those who might be curious)

It lathers pretty well, as you can see in the video. Now maintaining the lather on your face is the issue. As I buff my face I find that it starts breaking down the bubbles that I want to act as a buffer for the sponge and my face. However, it still works hard to make up for that, and cleans my face without overly irritating it. It actually feels like a mushy thingamabob that kind of glides over your skin. Weird, but nice.

The only issue I had with this Sponge, was the fact that drying it was a little awkward. The ones that I have tried have always had a string strung through it, so I could hang it up. I did end up sewing a string through the sponge, but before that I had a narrow jar which I balanced the sponge on top of.

I have seen the sponge at SDM already (back in the beginning of April), and was being sold for about $10. Now that might seem pricey to some, as the ones I order are usually about $5. But when you compare it to the Boscia one, it is cheaper, though smaller than the Boscia one (it is about half the size of the Boscia one I believe Checked it out again, it is smaller, but not half the size). But in comparison to that one, the Ecotools has a point which allows u to get at ur nose area for a good clean.

As you have noticed in the picture, you should replace this between 1-3 months. Lean more towards the 1 month, if you don’t wear too much makeup, lean to the 3 month mark if you do wear a lot more makeup. If you have issues cleaning it (like foundation stains), I found my gentle makeup removers worked for me. I squirt one pump on to it damp, and then squish it a few times. Voila :)



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    • Haha it actually didn’t take too long :P while it was wet I just poked it w a needle~ but yes without it, drying is a tad harder

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