Loreal Telescopic

Loreal Telescopic

Many weeks ago, dear Blogger H mentioned how much trouble this liner gave her in terms of removal. I was amazed, so I had to try it out. So one day, during a SDM 20x the points event, this little one came home with me (at a rather steep price of $14.99).

Loreal Telescopic

I like the applicator, as it is firm, yet flexible enough for me to work with it. Reminds me of the MUFE Aqua Eyes one, just shorter and a tad thicker. The one thing that could be a pain is the blue handle. It is rather close to the applicator, so could give people like me (monolid, short lashes) a bit of trouble, but you can work it out.
Loreal Telescopic

It is so dark! Love that part of this liner.

Loreal Telescopic

This is my eye after 9 hours. All I had on my eye that day, was the liner and mascara. You can see that there is a bit of transfer on the eyelid. The dots of black are from the mascara. In any case, it stayed pit, though it did get a little lighter in terms of its colouring. But dang. When dear H told me that it stayed put, I didn’t really think it would! Thanks so much H for the unintentional rec!

My problem with the product?

Ah…now despite the fact that it holds up quite well, my major issue is the packaging. I have a feeling that it might just be mine, as when the product was described to me, this was not mentioned at all.
Loreal Telescopic

The product bubbles out when you replace the wand, and it gets all over the inside of the wand. It then gets all over the opening. It dries down, then gets really flakey.
Loreal Telescopic
Loreal Telescopic

Just an overall mess. Since I spent about $14CAN on this at SDM, it is a shame that it performs in this way :(

I mean I wouldn’t expect this from an rather expensive product. If this would stop happening, I would definitely consider picking it up again, as an alternative to my beloved Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner (<3 that thing). I just hope it holds up in the hot summer weather as well, I’ve got my fingers crossed!


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