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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)

So it is the long weekend. Hope you all have fun plans!

I have to catch up on readings, and I have really REALLY slacked :T I have dinner plans with friends, but now sure if I will be able to make that (or the backup plans with high school friends). Still, I’ve rather enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I had a friend visit me, and help recharge me. Got to eat yummy things, and got to take pictures for the blog :)

Okay, enough out of me. On to the pictures.

I wrote about this HERE, but I managed to snag another bottle recently. It was in a duo kit, and ended up being $4 for both of them (lotion and wipes). Tres happy.

#치즈돈까스 #cheese #donkatsu #돈까스 #gabbypub #yum

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I trekked to Bayview Village to meet up with my dear friend HJ. We decided to eat at Gabby Pub, which is not to be confused with Gabby’s. It is a Korean place, and has pretty decent Donkatsu/Tonkatsu. I would suggest the Cheese Donkatsu, or the Spicy Donkatsu (ONLY if you can handle the heat. The day I went, I died trying to finish the meal lol). The rice portions are REALLY small, but the meat makes up for it.

I love going to the Firkin chain. I have never had a bad experience, that made me want to complain for days after the fact. I went the week before with my friend AY, and then met up with C to recharge. I love their nachos, or their sweet potato fries…yumm…

I had to run a few errands, seeing as it is the long weekend. All I did was go to do groceries, and yet I had to do my face. Ha. Sad, and yet dedicated. I guess.

I still need to do a proper review of this, but figured I would do a mini Instagram video as well. The Gillette Venus Snap is SO FREAKING CUTE! So small. Wish the case was a tad more compact (not bubbly might have helped?? but it probably acts as a stronger barrier). And can be a tad expensive, but seeing as you can reuse the handle, it does make it a little more affordable. I will be taking this with me when I go to Korea in September. I assume it will be shorts season still, so it will let me do touch ups on the legs for viewing lol :P



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