Something I’ve been meaning to try for ages…

…the AVON Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion.

Avon Remover

You see, my friends younger sister swore by this product. She would stock up when they would go on sale for 99 cents.

And yet…I didn’t try it out. I meant to…but never got around to it.

Then recently, my friend HJ placed a small order, and got me this as part of her order. She paid a bit more, I think it was $2CAN. But I have been wanting to try it out because I have been using the Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel.


Do I like it?

Well before that, let me share some pictures.

Avon Remover
It has a flip top that I personally prefer (though I like pumps the most).

Avon Remover
There is also a seal to ensure that it is a fresh bottle just for you!

Avon Remover
Now this is where people might have issues. The mineral oil, and the petroleum. Didn’t know about that until I took the picture.


Well, on the days I don’t wear waterproof makeup, I find that it does a decent job. On waterproof makeup like MUFE, or waterproof mascara…well that is a totally different game. Despite the fact that it claims that it can, I found it just couldn’t compete in that department at all. Not a huge deal, as I end up using it on days when I don’t wear mascara, and just need the removal of foundation, eyeshadow and pencil eyeliner.

Avon Remover
Avon Remover
Avon Remover
CoverGirl, NYC Liquid Liner, Wet n Wild eyeshadow, Milani Shadow Eyez.

All I did was apply, and draw circles with my finger for 20 seconds. Then wiped. As you can see Milani was quite stubborn. That’s okay. I wipe of the tissue helped out with the rest of the removal.

No. I have other things that work better, and well if it is partly petrolatum anyway, I could just use Vaseline, no?

At least I got to cross this off my try out list.


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