It was a quarter…how could I resist?!

Essence Colour & Go in ‘Chic Reloaded’

Chic Reloaded

This was a random snag. I had seen it on numerous occassions, and came close to buying it a few times. Then one day, I was at a SDM, and BAM! I saw that it was tagged as being a quarter. A QUARTER! I know I have an entire IKEA Helmer full of polish (and more…) but I COULDN’T say no to a quarter! So I bought it.

And dang, do I wish I got all the bottles of Chic Reloaded!

Chic Reloaded

Chic Reloaded, is a pretty duochrome polish, which shifts from dusty green to purple.

I am not a huge fan of duochromes, but won’t deny that they are pretty to look at.

And I mean…I can’t help staring at my nails when I have it on…proof in the picture!

Chic Reloaded

This is my third polish from the Colour & Go line, and as with the other two, this applies beautifully. I used two coats on my nails, and it was good enough for sure. It doesn’t dry as super fast as you might think, but dries down enough. I still apply a top coat, though you could get away with the polish itself, as long as you don’t fingerprint it by touching your nails (I did that…-__-).

Chic Reloaded
I didn’t take a picture of the brush on Chic Reloaded (fanned out), but one of the reasons why I like the brush is because of the way it fans out so perfectly.

Essence Color & Go
Makes application much easier.

I took this video, but it leans a little too green. However it does have a beautiful duo chrome shift that just made me attempt to try and capture it anyway :)


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