Just toss on Mauve Twist…

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I cannot remember where I first saw these. I thought it was SparkledBeauty, but I can’t find any posts on them. DAH! Hate when that happens.

In any case, I had wanted to try these out, mainly because of my addiction to crayon like lip colours. So it was a delight to get them in our monthly black box.

Before that…a bit of a background on them. The CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm currently has 16 different colours in the line. There are a few extra shades floating about, but they are limited edition as far as I know. They are more on the sheer side, but like the one I have, some can be built up a little bit. Perhaps more so for the more darker ones.

CoverGirl Mauve Twist
(See! Quite sheer)

CoverGirl Mauve Twist

So, then what did I think?

First off, I thought that this was too light for my lips. I didn’t think I would benefit, then I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out. You see, it gives my lips a bit more of a pink look, making them seem…happy? Not sure how to explain it lol, but it just gives them more life. In addition, I like the balm like slip it gives my lips. However, some people might not like that. My biggest gripe with the product was the smell. It doesn’t have an artificial typical fruity smell, like a lot of the lip products on the market, it has a bare bones ingredient type of smell. Like raw product. When it is on my lips after application, I can’t smell it, but as I apply it, I do. But seeing as I like the colour, I suck it up.

Would I buy it?

First, it would have to be on sale. I have this personal rule that I try my best to stick to. Don’t spend more than $5 on lip products. They are sold at $9 on Well.ca. So that kind of violates my rule. BUT, they go on sale for 30% off frequently at Rexall, and there is a $1 off printable coupon from Brandsaver. So it does make it easier on my wallet. Every little bit helps…especially when you can use those savings on more xD haha…oh my my my…Esther…what shall we do with you *shrug*


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