Random Aquisitions…

A few weeks back I made a small trip across the border to do a bit of shopping. Didn’t end up picking very much though. I bought a few boxes of hair dye from Sally’s, underwear, and other random stuff, but nothing of significance. However I wanted to share a few things I did pick up.

Random Aquisitions...
I first started drinking Hansen pop back…Hmmm…it was a little after she got married, so after 2000. My cousin had come with her family and left them behind for us to drink. I was addicted at first sip. The problem? They aren’t sold in Canada. OTL

I tried to get my parents to bring it back last spring, but for some reason the places that my cousin went to, they didn’t have it in stock! So I made sure that when I made the trip across the border, that I would find, and bring some back with it. The store I went to didn’t have a huge selection, so I ended up getting only a 6 pack of the Mandarin Lime, and the Ginger Ale.

Random Aquisitions...
Mum picked up Vitamin E Oil, cause it was cheap, and she has a new scar that she is working on lightening. The No Bump was picked up at Sally’s. I get really REALLY bad ingrown bumps, and figured I would try this out.

Random Aquisitions...
I also picked up OPI Push and Shove, and the Tangle Teezer. I need a new brush, so I figured why not. Besides, I had the monthly coupon that I needed to use.

Random Aquisitions...
Another thing I wanted to do my best to pick up was the Aztec Secret. I had seen it on the blogs for awhile now, and have wanted to try it. You mix a big of this with apple cider vinegar, and slap it on the face.

Random Aquisitions...
I still had the Sephora 15% off coupon so figured I would use that too. I was at Walden Galleria, and the stock was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t get anything I wanted :( luckily we stopped by another mall, which had a JCP Sephora. There I picked up the Sephora Skin Cleanse Vol.2. I think this was about $32US with taxes. Okay price. I wanted to buy some other stuff that they had (had a bunch of holiday kits still…) but I held myself back.

I bought a few other things, but the original picture I took…well I accidentally deleted it. I thought that I had transferred the pictures to the computer, and deleted them all -_____-

I hated myself lol.


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