I finally caved…

P1200857 copy

So I had seen this set pop up on Sephora for awhile now. And it is quite old. But this past December…I just couldn’t resist it any longer. It helped that I have Rouge shipping. In any case, I snagged the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box.

I got this for $12CAN.




Mine is a little more on the dry side than a lot of the other swatches that people have posted. Unfortunate, but I still like mine. Mainly because there are a few colours that I just love!

My Favourites
These 4 are pretty much the most shimmery in the palette. The least is Zero, but they all have a shimmer factor to them, just depends on the degree.
You get decent pigmentation for the majority without a primer, but you can also see that it brings out a brighter, more opague look if you do. Plus for people with oily skin like me, it will help prolong shadow life.



2 thoughts on “I finally caved…

  1. I LOVE that palette. I got it a long time ago and it still is one of my faves to bust out every now and then. Urban Decay palettes in general are my fave!

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