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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)
I headed to school for an exam. Once I was done, it was pouring. But guess who didn’t have an umbrella -___-
I dyed my hair back on February 1st, and the red had all come out by then. And my ends were looking really raggedy. Thus I thought it was time to dye it up. This is my second time using the Loreal Hicolor. I actually like it. Yes it does fade a little quickly, but I mean I wash my hair everyday, so no surprise there. In any case, it flattens out my fried hair cuticles (I think that is what you call them), for a few week. Makes it look good. Anyway, I experience bleeding for about a week. No big deal. Oh, and my skin isn’t that smooth. Gotta love certain functions on apps lol
I met up with Watercoloursky, and M last Thursday. M took us to a relatively new BBT place after eating at Mother’s Dumplings. Though there was a slighly awkward situation, I liked STAY Cafeteria. Interior is so pretty.
HJ came over to hang out. Figured we would redo her shellac, as the place that she got them done did a HORRIBLE job. Cut her cuticle and then ended up cutting her skin so she bled. The shellac also peeled off a little over a week. So we watched Simpsons, ate nachos, and had fun chatting over random things.
Take out from Zet’s Restaurant. First time having their pork souvlaki, and omg so good! It seems pricey at $13, but seriously it was enough food for two meals, three if you don’t eat too much. I’m drooling thinking about them now…

Well I have another exam today, and not really looking forward to it. I have to write so much! Prof expects us to write 2 paragraphs for 3 questions, than 2 essays (proper essays) for two topics -___- All in three hours. Let’s just say I will be writing like my life depended on it haha OTL

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  1. Glad we could meet up despite your exams! I definitely wasn’t a fan of all the handwriting needed in exams still even in this modern age…I remember one exam which was purely 3 hours of writing lol. I’m sure you’ll do awesome! :)

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