What Do You Think of Retractable Eyeliners?

Back in January, if memory serves me right (which it doesn’t always…), this showed up on my doorstep with a few other goodies from Marcelle. One of which was this. I actually like the Double Precision, and the Waterproof Eyeliner. So it was nice to finally try out the 2 in 1 Retractable Eyeliner as well :D

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

The great thing about this liner is the fact that it is retractable. If you accidentally broke a bit of the liner, you just need to twist it up! Anyway, this product comes in a few pieces. There is the smudger, and there is a sharpener attached to it, for the times you want a more precise tip. That little bit pulls off from the bottom of the liner. The smudger has a little clear cap, which I find sometimes a pain to pull off, as I end up pulling the sharpener off too.

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

Anyway, back to the product.

Azurite is a lovely blue. It has this sheen to it that really makes it fun to wear. Because the product it is a transition product that takes a liner and turns it in to a smokey eye in a simple step.

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

I used the liner to line the lower lash line, and the upper lash line. I applied it over my Loreal Infallible in Hourglass Beige.

But then I needed to test out the smudging ability for a evening look…

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

Marcelle Retractable Eyeliner

So I applied the pencil straight on to my lid, to the outer half, and then dragged it in and blended it out with the smudger tip on the liner. It wasn’t too hard to work with, despite being so small. With the neutral Hourglass Beige that I used, it created a nicer transition for the blue to work with as well. I was actually quite happy with how this turned out. I did try to line the upper line a little darker, so that it would emphasize the eye more, but I couldn’t get it to show up any more. No biggie.

Personally, I found that when I started tearing up (wind in my eyes, or a teary show) it would smudge on me. Not too much of a surprise as I have skin that just hates liners. However if I don’t, it stayed fairly well. So as long as I avoid using it on the lower lash line, I’m okay.

In any case, the colour is fun, and I love that you can easily take it from day, to a more fun night.

Well, $10.95 is not too bad, but they often go on sale. So you can check it out then if you are interested.

*I received this product as a PR sample, views and opinions are my own*


4 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Retractable Eyeliners?

  1. I like the idea of a retractable eyeliner but I have one that wouldn’t sharpen properly (the removable sharperner got full of eyeliner which is impossible to get out) – so it’s basically useless now…

    • full of eyeliner? I hate when eyeliners get gunked up >_< I've been lucky with most of the recent ones though, as a quick swipe with mu remover on a qtip has solved my problems

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