Lights, Camera, Re-action!

Lights, Camera, Re-action!

Part of SensatioNail, I wanted to share about the Fuse Gelnamel Polish in Lights Camera Re-action! today :)

Fuse Gelnamel - Lights Camera Re-Action!

Fuse had popped up on my radar a while back, mainly because I follow a bunch of the ladies who received the kits as a PR sample. I mean as a gel polish nut, I just couldn’t help drooling over a potentially new formula for the gel system.

You see, the Fuse system is different than the traditional gel polish, in the sense that it is a thicker formula, which eliminates the need for a base coat. That is a big deal because of the time it does take in applying the base coat in prep for the gel polish. I mean generally, if you aren’t willing to spent about an hour to apply the gel polish, you really shouldn’t be using it (as improper application can lead to possible complications). So since that is a turn off for most people, the fact that you can shorten the time could be appealing.

Fuse Gelnamel - Lights Camera Re-Action!

Fuse Gelnamel - Lights Camera Re-Action!

It is a little thick when applying, but with a little patience you can still get a clean application near the cuticle. It is a tad sheer, so I did apply a second coat for these pictures. I think I should have done three.

Fuse Gelnamel - Lights Camera Re-Action!
Fuse Gelnamel - Lights Camera Re-Action!
One major thing I seem to be having with the Fuse Gelnamel system, is the difference in bottle and the outside of the bottle. Because gel polishes react with UV and LED lighting, they are stored in opaque bottles. That is totally fine. The unfortunate thing is that more often than not, that means that the bottles inside and outside do not really match. I was first attracted to this colour (aside from the awesome clearance price I snagged mine at), for the way it looked on the outside. Should have been this beautiful metallic silver. I got more of a purple-ish opaque shimmer. Not that it isn’t pretty, but just not quite what I expected. In addition, you probably noticed I mentioned purple in the previous sentences, and noticed them on screen if things have been calibrated correctly. Again, I bought this polish for its silver property, so having something other than silver was a disappointment. Again, it is pretty in its own way, just not for the fact that I wanted silver (seeing as I don’t have a nice silver in my collection).

Wear time was okay. I did not get two weeks wear time out of the Fuse Gelnamel system. It was one week at best, and that was following the instructions that are given on the website. If you do not follow the instructions, I found that it flaked off within DAYS! So follow the instructions. I mean in general, if you are willing to follow the process and spend some time on the process, you really shouldn’t use it. I don’t want you to develop a reaction because of that. In any case, I have the SensatioNail, Gelish, and FingerPaints Gel polishes, and haven’t had issues with them staying on for over a month (obviously with regrowth. Recently had FingerPaints on for just over 6 weeks…and the tips were intact the whole time!). So I was a little disappointed that it didn’t last longer than a week. However I did find that using a base coat did help it out, so I don’t mind doing that, though again that defeats the purpose of the Fuse system (which is to eliminate the base coat step thereby making it a faster application process).

So would I buy it again?

I really like the idea behind the fact that you shouldn’t have to use a base coat. I also liked that the removal process was SUPER easy, easier than the FingerPaints or the Gelish. But the wear time does throw me off, as well as the colouring issues (I also noticed Lightening was off. I saw a picture of the bottle, and it looked like a flakie polish. So I got SUPER excited, then realized it was a plain glitter). I think that as long as I know exactly which colour I am getting, which will require research before buying, then I would look in to picking up another colour for myself (when they are on sale, as I hardly purchase gel polishes at retail).

You can find them at SDM, where you would normally find the nail polish section.

If you are interested, they do have a lovely range of colours, plus their USB capable LED light is actual quite neat. The fact that you can swivel it so that you can use it on your toes is a great idea. I personally have the FingerPaints LED Lamp, so I don’t need it, but can see it being really useful for others.

Oh one more thing, they often share pictures on their Instagram. Pretty decent for inspiration if you need it :)


2 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Re-action!

  1. 6 weeks of wear is impressive. My first one last over a week, but 1 nail popped up and half of it came off. Maybe it’s my application to blame :)

    • Yikes. Yes that is usually associated with prep. Either the nail bed wasn’t cleaned properly, or improperly cured. On the plus side, removal was easy for that nail :P But yes, generally my FingerPaints, Gelish, and Sensationail all last me more than 3 weeks, the first two going beyond 5. I try to sand them down and just layer another coat at the regrowth, but that can only last you so long.

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