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If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)
I NEED to check out the Gosh Cosmetics Forever Eye Shadow Pencils soon. I swatched it last week, and once it set it was HELL trying to get it off! lol. I was washing my hand, and had to scrape it off with my nail. But dang they are GORGEOUS. Seeing as I love shimmer, I’m happy they are right up my alley. Plus the fact that they are so rub resistant means that it might help to extend wear on oily skin, and eye rubbers in general. If you wanna see swatches, check out great swatches HERE
I posted the deal on Facebook earlier last week, and went in to get my own Live Clean lipbalm. Seeing as I love mint, that is the one I picked up. Testing it out right now so I’ll share about it later. The HOT deal is now dead, but you can still snag it at an awesome price. Love when brands share such good coupons so you can try it out without worrying that you will be very disappointed by a product (and the cost you paid).
I went out to see Divergent with my friend AY. She knew I wanted to watch it and decided to treat me to date night :P Anyway we walked in to Sephora to kill some time, and were told of the ColorIQ foundation matching machine. Basically they take a reading on your bare skin (neck, cheek, and forehead). Then the machine calculates all the foundations available that match your skin. It can also tell you the ones that are a shade darker, and a shade lighter. You can then email the list to yourself, so you have a copy of all the products you match. The thing is that it isn’t always 100% accurate. For my own readings, they were pretty close. However for my friend, her readings (even when the lighter shade was selected) was far to dark for her. They were darker than my own readings, and she is much lighter than me! So YMMV, but if it does work for you, it will definitely help narrow the selection down for you.
I have become addicted to collection certain Starbucks Cards. Some are just so awesome. Well I had wanted to track these guys down, but the stores I went to were always sold out of them. Luckily I had a lovely friend who saw them, and managed to snag them for me. Seriously…mini cards are my weakness lol

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