Anti-Fatigue? That caught my attention…

Aveene Anti-Fatigue

Aveene Anti-Fatigue
(There was a little thing of Listerine which I took out to use)

Many weeks back I was looking for coupons, and I signed up at They had a promo going on at that time for a box of samples, if you were able to get a friend to sign up using a link they provided. Luckily I had a friend to bug…and a few weeks after that I received my box of goodies.

Aveene Anti-Fatigue
All the goodies to try out.

But today I wanted to focus on the Aveeno Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller, since it was full size :D

Aveene Anti-Fatigue

Aveene Anti-Fatigue
Aveene Anti-Fatigue
Aveene Anti-Fatigue
Aveene Anti-Fatigue

Formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Southernwood, SMART ESSENTIALS® Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment hydrates and infuses the area under your eyes with vitamins and antioxidants to help combat dark circles, so you’ll look and feel refreshed.

AVEENO® scientists utilize an extract of the southernwood plant that contains a natural combination of sugars and polyphenols. ACTIVE NATURALS® Southernwood formulas provide antioxidant activity to help restore the moisture barrier.
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Aveene Anti-Fatigue

Aveene Anti-Fatigue
It looks a little opaque when you shake it, but when applied it goes on clear.

I don’t know if it messes up the ingredients, but I store it in the fridge. After my shower, I head to the kitchen, roll this under my eyes, and head back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. By the time I’m done, and just about to apply makeup, it has dried down.

You can find it at,, and various other retailers like SDM and Rexall for about $18-$23CAN. Expensive. I was actually shocked when I looked it up for this post. But eye treatments tend to be expensive for the general part.

So would I buy it?
Well as usually cost is an issue. It is a little high for me. However I have found that I like how it feels under my eyes, and how soothing it feels on a particularly frustrating night of sleep. So I would probably try to rebuy if I it was on sale during a 20x the points event. But I need to start investing in good eye creams, as I have yet to find the fountain of youth. Imagine if that really was possible…would you actually  indulge in it? Not sure if I really would…#random lol


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