Reusing product boxes for organization…

I’ve had some time to organize a bit…during my time off. One of the things I like doing is reusing product boxes to use as separators.

Since I’ve been doing this for awhile, I thought I would share it.

This only works if the flaps of the box are on the same side. You will get what I mean in a bit.

Reusing Boxes
So take your box.

Now you want to cut the sides, so that in the end you are left with a rectangle. So cut the upper parts of the box on both sides.

Reusing Boxes

This way, all the flaps are on one side, and you have a left over rectangle piece, which you can use later, if you so wish.

Reusing Boxes

Fold in the sides, and bring the flap over on itself, so that it fold in and makes the edge of the box.

Reusing Boxes

You can glue, or tape them together, but I prefer staples. They hold them more firmly, and just make it a tad more sturdy.

Reusing Boxes

Reusing Boxes

Do this for both ends of the box, making sure you align the sides, and they aren’t slanted.

Reusing Boxes
Reusing Boxes

Reusing Boxes

You can then take the extra rectangle piece and place it inside so that it reinforces the box base, but you don’t have to. I do.

But I like using this method to made compartments in larger boxes that I use. Such as the awesome black boxes I receive through BeautyUnited :D Makes life simpler. Do you have any little diy ways to reuse things? Love to hear about it.


4 thoughts on “Reusing product boxes for organization…

  1. Great post I used to have a reuse box for my lipstick from my julep subscription but know I have out grown it so I have a medium size cosmetics bag now for those :)

    • I have two cosmetic bags for random stashing as well. In the past I didn’t think they were that useful, so used to donate them. Now I wish I had kept them all. But hopefully they all went to a great new home :)

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