If you have a Rexall near you…

There is a BOGO deal for CoverGirl for the new flyer week (starts today and ends next Thursday).

Now I wasn’t a huge fan of CoverGirl. Back in high school, I tried a few things, and they let me down. So it was one of the reasons why I was convinced that more money spent = better. Now slowly drugstore brands have been stepping it up, which makes it much easier on my wallet.

Thank to #BeautyUnited, I have had the chance to try out a few CoverGirl products, and well this comes at a great time for me.

Personally I want to try something, so I have a list.

  • Flamed Out Shadow Pencil (Melted Caramel and Ginger Flame. Maybe…not sure if I really need more right now)
  • Lip Perfection Lip Color (Again not sure if I need more right now, but thinking Rush and Fairytale)
  • Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm (Watermelon, Rose, Berry, Jam. I haven’t decided which two I want…)
  • Lipslicks Smoochies (Luv U, Text Me)

Now there is no way I am getting everything I listed. Really I think I am only going to get the Gloss Balm, once I decided which two I want.

I actually would suggest you check out the TruBlend Liquid Makeup. We got that recently, and I actually like using it so far. Not sure if it would be okay for me to use in the warmer weather, but for the mild-cold we have now, it does well. You should check out the website if you think you might check it out. There is a form for a guarantee.


2 thoughts on “If you have a Rexall near you…

  1. So glad I caught this post! I really want to try the trublend liquid and concealer. Thanks for the form link too. Covergirl is that confident eh!? Let’s see about that. Lol.

    • Did you end up getting any?? I was too busy with school that I couldn’t make it. Well mainly it was because I couldn’t decide what to get -___-

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