How do you like wearing your lipsticks?

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CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Color in Bombshell is gorgeous.

Just gorgeous.

That is the only word that comes to mind when I saw it first on Gerry over at PbunnieP.

So of course I needed to try it out.

That meant pulling it out of the box…and overcoming my fears of bright colours.

Different Way w CoverGirl Bomshell

If you are like me, and easily intimidated by bright colours, maybe these tips that I’ve picked up over the years will help.

Different Way w CoverGirl Bomshell

First is the “I Just Ate a Lollipop” that Asia seems to love. I see it on every Korean Beauty Blog. You take your lipstick, and pout. Then dab the lipstick on the inner part of the lips. Use your finger to diffuse the edges so that it looks smoother. You could use a nude colour to blend it out, but I just use a balm.

Second is the “Lip Balm Slip”. Apply a balm that has a bit of slip on to the lips. Then apply the lipstick over it. Because of the slip, the colour ends up being more sheer, and can ease you in to the transition. This is the one I used the most for red lips. But you need to be careful, the slip might make it go nuts, so keep an eye on it.

Third is the “Dab Away Your Tears”. Dab the lipstick on to the lips until you achieve the pigmentation you like. You can build it up a bit, or let it be a bit more sheer. But this gives you a little more of a matte look, and because it sheers it out a bit, gives it a less powerful look than the next one.

Lastly we have the “Full Kablam!”. Apply the lipstick on to the lips for full colour. Use a lip brush to lightly diffuse the edges for a softer look, or to define it even more.

Anyway this was just a follow up post to the swatching I did the other day here.

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