Oh my…VIB Rouge… OTL

So last year, Sephora released the new level of VIB Rouge.

VIB Rouge

It basically just means you have spent a crap load of money at Sephora. I usually do my shopping with Sephora online (which is going to change soon…mostly because they have started charging Duty Fees, without sending out emails that they were changing their policy. Messed up), so the perks appealed to me.

Well…I am VIB Rouge.

There aren’t too many perks to the program atm, and when they do, they mess it up. But sometimes they have something fun.

For example, their intro kit.

VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
They give you a red card, and a mini BITE Beauty Lipstick.

For your birthday, you get one extra mini product in the little birthday gift that Sephora provides every year…
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge
The VIB’s get the two, the lipstick and the mascara, but the Rouge get the extra mini eyeliner.

VIB Rouge

One of my favourites so far, though I would have liked to get the full size Dior perk a month ago…is the mirror.

It actually took me awhile to get this, as they screwed up the first time I tried to get it.

I don’t know what it is about me and mirrors, but every time I see the cute Hello Kitty ones on Sephora, I want them…so it was no different with this one.

VIB Rouge
VIB Rouge

is it worth it?
Probably not. I mean especially for those in the US who have had to deal with a lot of issues with the program (if you want to read about it, you can google MUT Sephora Rouge). Really, the perks we get through SDM Beauty Boutique can actually be better…but…I still continue to buy. Ha. -____-


One thought on “Oh my…VIB Rouge… OTL

  1. I am so bummed with the duty charges with the orders as I do most of my shopping with them online as well. But I find sometimes I wasn’t charged duty in certain orders for some reason??! One advantage of being the VIB rouge is the free shipping with each order so we can take advantage of the special offers as they only allow one offer per order.

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