Finding <3 in the Eyebrow Pen

A few weeks back, I received a rather heavy package…
Excited, I tore in to it…and discovered all this stuff in the envelope!

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen

Though I am enjoying all of them, I wanted to talk about the Eyebrow Pen today.

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen
Marcelle Eyebrow Pen
Marcelle Eyebrow Pen
I like the felt slanted tip, which is chiseled so you can shade in your brow in different ways.

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen

The first time I used it, it was a little hard to get used to. I have used powder for about a decade now. I have dabbled with pencils once in awhile, but always go back to the powder. I think it is the influence that my Mother has had on me, as she is a dedicated user of the Shiseido Eyebrow Compact.

Recently my friend has RAVED about the Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil…which I have yet to try out…but intrigued.

But after using the Eyebrow Pen…Might not need to anymore…

Anyway here is the first week of trying to use the Eyebrow Pen
Marcelle Eyebrow Pen
You can see that my brow was a little sharp, and still quite messy.

I tend to use a heavy hand in general, so it does take me a little longer to do my brows. But because of the end payoff, it ends up being totally worth it for me.

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen

Now here it looks better. On the left is the Eyebrow Pen, and the right is my powder compact.

Using smaller strokes, and the lightest touch possible, helps me achieve a sharper brow, which doesn’t make me look like I Sharpied it on! lol. What I also find helps for me, is to line the upper and lower parts of the inner brow, then fill in the inner part with the powder compact.

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen
Generally I like how the brows look at all angles.

I love that it also lasts really long! Usually the powder gets eaten up, even after I apply it over the UDPP (use I use UDPP on my brows, tip my MUA friend taught me to do when I complained about my brows). So the fact that the brows last as long as I do, really helps me out. One thing I have noticed that I have to be careful about, is that the formula is a little sticky if you apply too much of it. So if you brush your brow hairs, they stick. To avoid, just don’t apply too much, and you can escape it.

The Eyebrow Pen retails for $14, and I have seen it at almost all locations that sell Marcelle products. But you can snag it on sale right now if you place an order on their website…

Today is the last day to put in your orders online at to take part in their celebration of International Women’s Day promotion of 40% off the site.

If you do order, don’t forget to use
or you can you my link below :)

Marcelle Eyebrow Pen


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