FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

When I am bored…I browse Instagram.

I usually browse the hastags TargetCanada, vibrouge, fingerpaints, jetpens, dollarama, gelpolish, and SallyBeautySupply (just to name a few :P). In any case, it was the last one that caught my eye a few weeks back.

The reason for that was that it was the news of a new holo polish in the new FingerPaints line up. They had recently revamped the line with a new logo and new formula. the thing is, I had examined the colours in person at my local store. I didn’t even realize that it was a holo! I had picked it up, looked at it, and put it back down.

But the pictures…drool.

So I got one. It was an easy decision as it was BOGO last month (on that note China Glaze is BOGO this month :))

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

All pictures were taken near a bright light. IRL it is far more subtle. But I can’t help it…just the way it looks under direct light has caught my heart.

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

Its subtle like ^that picture.

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

I miss this length.  I had to chop my nails down to nubs, and they are still very short -__-

Luckily I have a backlog of nail posts so I can let them grow out. Yay.

FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

If you are a holo nut, would you pick it up?


4 thoughts on “FingerPaints Chromatic Creation

  1. I meant to pick up some of the new FP colors during the BOGO but spent all my budget on new collections instead. I just hope they don’t discontinue this one before the next big sale.

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