Gotta love fun greens :)


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Good Morning All!

Today I wanted to share an EOTD that I did about two weeks back. I basically didn’t wear makeup for a week, so when my Mom decided to go out for lunch, I thought I would do something fun.

Gotta Love Greens
Gotta Love Greens
(Absinthe-Minded, Eco Chic, TBS Matte Black, Double Precision)

Annabelle Smoothie in Absinthe-Minded*
Annabelle Pigment Dust in Eco Chic (LE/unavailable)
The Body Shop University of the Arts London LE Palette Matte Black Shadow (LE/unavailable)
Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner*
Revlon Lash Potion

Gotta Love Greens

I applied Absinthe-Minded all over the lid and the lower lash line. I then patted on Eco Chic (which I snagged from the Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale) on the lid over Absinthe-Minded. I then needed a matte black shadow, and chose the Body Shop London Palette because the pigmentation payoff is a little poor. It allows me to have more control over the black shadow. But really any black shadow will do. I took the black shadow and blended it in to the outer edge of the lid. whatever was left on the brush, I dragged over the inner part of the lid, on the edge of Absinthe minded so define it a bit. I also added a bit of black to the outer lower half to darken it up. I used Double Precision to line, and brushed on Lash Potion. The end.

It was good putting my pigments to use again. They have been quite neglected in my stash. Which is a shame as I do have a few wonderfully gorgeous ones.

Anyway, remember I announced on FB that I should have had a giveaway? Well that was sponsored by Beauty United, but things came up and I couldn’t participate. Which sucks I know. So I thought I would do one on my own. It isn’t as grand (as it is OOP), but hopefully will still be useful. Oh, its for Canadians only.

Go check out the Pantene/CoverGirl/Olay Youtube page Looking Glass and tell me which look you liked the best. Was there a product that really stood out to you, making you want to reach in to the computer screen? Once you’ve picked on, click on the Rafflecopter link to make my life easier.

It ends in a week!

Okay that is enough out of me. As this post goes up, I will be cramming to take a test I was granted a makeup for. Woo. It shouldn’t be too hard, but breaking down poems is actually a little more difficult that I would have liked. Plus it doesn’t help that my Prof thinks my writing is not very fun (Can formal essay format be fun??). I won’t complain too much though, as I think he is an interesting Prof for the course.

Alright, hope you all have a great day :)

15 thoughts on “Gotta love fun greens :)”

  1. Omg Esther gorgeous!! I think green looks great on you and you did a good job. Sucks that you couldn’t participate in the beauty united giveaway, if you want me to spread the word about this one Id be glad to try ^_^

    1. Thank you :), and I know! Especially when I saw all the great entries! xD But it is okay :) Next time~
      and thanks for the offer! Yeah I should post on Twitter about it

  2. Question, how do you feel about liquid pen liners vs the regular kind where you dip the felt tip applicator in the liquid bottle? (does that make sense?) lol

    1. Like the Urban Decay or the MUFE ones? I think that is what you mean (If I am wrong, lmk :)). What I like about this is that it has a brush on one end, and a felt tip on the other, so it makes me feel like I am still using my loved MUFE liners. I also like the fact that it distribute just enough of the product (pen form), whereas in the dip form I end up having to scrape off a lot of the product inside the cap before use. But above it all, I would prefer either one that lasts the longest with my oily lids. HTH but if not, let me know where I can clarify :)

      1. Gotcha. I’m so torn right now with liquid liners lol I used the Annabelle one and it was ok. Then I tried Maybelline stiletto (felt tip one) and it was pretty nice, the tip was really fine. But then I realized that when i tear (I tear when it gets too cold outside) that the liner smudges, real bad. So now I use the l’oreal telescopic waterproof liquid liner but it doesn’t come off with makeup remover! I can only remove it with friction.. which I don’t always get it all off and it’s not that good to rub hard on the eyelids anyway. Not sure if this is the case with all waterproof liquid liners or just the telescopic. (pens have been completely out of the question because I feel like they dry up/ run out wayyyyy too fast). Any suggestions?

        1. Holy crow! Loreal Telescopic is that insane?! I should look in to that one…
          The only ones I have really tried is the Stila and MUFE one, both of which I did like. I got them both on sale (IMATS and Sephora)
          If I have them on for 8 hours, I find that the my oily skin helps me in removal. But I typically use oil cleansers when I wear waterproof, just for the issue you have. Anyway have you tried the MUFE or Stila? Both are felt tip, though mufe is a little more firm than the stila. The problem with the MUFE one is that I have bad luck, and the packaging gets a little wonky. But I typically use them for 6 months even still. Anyway, what type of removal do you use? Have you thought of using something else than what you might be using right now?

  3. I actually liked the colour field look at the looking glass videos. I am completely positive that I could not pull it off though lol. As for your makeup above. I love what you did with the green. I would love to try that!

  4. I liked the Gilded Glory – I seem to look good in golds – well, the right shades of gold. So it is even one I would try. I thought your greens look was amazing, by the way!

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