February this & that…

Hi Everyone,
I’m currently up writing a paper I got an extension on. First time asking for an extension, and the Prof gives me two weeks. Guess when I actually attempt to finish what I started a month ago? -____- Anyway, so I’m doing some work, and remembered that I needed to schedule today’s post, so here it is.

Actually before that, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting even when I had to take my small break. I missed writing, and though I probably should have taken another two weeks off, I felt that I needed to write. This blog was first conceived in my frustration over something that happened to my family a long time ago. At that time, my friends were finishing up their undergrad, or establishing their careers, and I just couldn’t get myself to bug them (they yelled at me after). It is a weird thing I do, and things just don’t change much at times. In any case, this blog, and the things that I do with it, are a form of release and comfort. Sure you could judge my writing, my pictures, this or that. But in the end, I share because I want to. So not being able to share…really made me antsy. So I started editing pictures every few days while I was away…and basically have posts drafted til the end of the month now. Wooo :D Which is great, because we are slowly entering the school crunch period. I mean I write my first exam for this term in about a month! And I still don’t know what is going on in that class! lol. Anyway…so the fact that I was able to take some time to work on all that has helped. In any case, I just wanted to say thanks to my friends and readers. I mean I left, and I still got a few new likes on the FB page. I was pretty giddy about that one.

Okay, so moving along. I usually post Instagram pictures on Monday’s, but seeing as I haven’t used Instagram or Twitter in awhile, I figured I would share the random instead.

Let me start with the products that I liked using last month.
February This & That
Marcelle Double Precision Eyeliner
Since receiving this, I have pretty much used it everyday. I don’t actually use the fine side, as it is a little more dry, and harder to manipulate. But the Felt tip…just…love. I even put in an order on Saturday for another one (40% off online for all Marcelle and Annabelle Products!)

Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Top Coat
I’ve been using this to seal not only my mascara, but as a topper for my non-waterproof eyeliner as well. Kind of like the way you would use the MUFE Sealer. Since it was pretty cold, and windy, this helped to keep things where they should be. I know its a little hard and messy to work with, but luckily I found it worth the time.

Revlon Lash Potion
I’ve been using this on my lower lashes lately. I found that because it doesn’t last the whole day that I need it to on the upper lashes…I would try it on my lower. And not sure if it was because of my monolids, but they last much better on the lower lashes than the upper. I do have to take a bit of time to ensure they don’t clump/stab myself in the eye, but otherwise I liked the extra eye opening effect.

CoverGirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation
I’m still working my way through this one, but love how easy it is. My skin has been a bit of a disaster last month. So I needed a bit more help than what my Marcelle BB (my typical go to) would provide. I lately dab my EDM Kabuki in to it, and stipple on the face to distribute it, then buff it in.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture
Coupled with a few drops of my Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic, this keeps my face prepped for foundation application.

Aveeno Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller
I’ll have a review on it in a few weeks, but basically this rolled under my eye after my shower is super relaxing.

Vasanti Tinted Balm in Colombia
This gives my lips a bit of colour while giving it a nice sheen at the same time. Plus it soothes my chapped lips. Whoop!

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
I’m never without some sort of thermal spring water in my stash. I usually buy Avene, but the LRP spray allows for a much finer mist. Helped sooth my face when I was having issues/breakouts/allergic reactions.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Raspberry
I’m trying to get through this product quickly, as its been in my stash for awhile. I mean I bought it…and totally forgot about it -___-. Anyway it is a pretty pink, that you can use for your lips and cheeks. Dual purpose FTW

Benefit Creaseless Cream
Okay…to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember if it is Get Figgy or Flatter Me. Looking at the swatch I think it was Get Figgy, as it was a little more purple. In any case, the pot is made up of half of each…so I can never remember which one is which. Anyway, I liked the extra colour it would gives my eyelids. Especially appreciated on days when I am in a rush and look like crap. In any case, I’m almost done this pot, so I’m pretty excited about that :)

February This & That
Marcelle Eyeliner, CG Clean Whipped Creme, Vasanti Colombia, Benefit Get Figgy, Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry

Okay. Now that that’s all over and done with, let’s move on to the things I had to toss.

There was a day at the end of February, where I basically tore up my room. In doing so, I found containers of forgotten items, or just stuff I needed to toss. So here is the grand list of things I should have tossed ages ago…but couldn’t part with.

February This & That
Daiso Pore Pack
Macnunu sent me this ages ago, and I should have tossed it long ago…but it slipped behind the dresser, and I didn’t find this til recently. So out it goes. It did work decently for $2. We don’t have Daiso in Toronto, but if you ever go to one, check it out.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I think I am currently on my third or fourth one. My skin is starting to develop a resistency to it, so I might have to stop for a bit after the current tube. However it is still something that I enjoy using, as it helps to settle my cystic breakouts

Striped Brush
This was the Estee Lauder GWP brush that came as a trio. It was from…2004? Somewhere around there. Anyway, it was what I used to help draw my brows and to put on some shadow. But it is past its due date, and thus I shall have t finally part with it. I need to find its brother though…I know its somewhere

POSH Powder Brush
I actually liked this, but it broke way to easily. I actually kept it for awhile thinking I would repair it. But I have so many great brushes that its just not worth it.

Intuition Razor
I actually have a love/hate relationship with these razors. The hate is merely because I have used it for so long lol. I got a bunch for free when they had this viral promotion, and then my friend gave me hers. Then I got more. I like that the razors are surrounded by a lotion bar.

Beauty Secrets Acetone
I use about 1.5 of these in a year (well my mom and I do). It is gentler on the nails with the extra nourishments that it contains.

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
Got this at the first IMATS (or was it the second). Long past its due, but I wanted to use the container for something else. It didn’t actually suit my skin, despite a lot of people loving it. Because of how my skin is (slightly bumpy under the eye area), this emphasized rather than help. But it was quite on the light side.

Burts Bees Anti-Blemish Solution
I liked this one before as well. But my skin quickly developed a tolerate to it. So can’t use it anymore.

February This & That
MArcelle Hydra C Radiance Ultra Light Mattifying Fluid
I first got this from Marcelle to try out. I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I didn’t think it did very much. I stopped using it…and in the next few days noticed a significant difference -___- I went back to it the very next day lol. It doesn’t seem like it did much, but it did help with my skin to control it a bit more in terms of oily craziness. This was my second one, and I kept it beause I wanted to use something else in the vacuum pump…but too lazy to actually go through it it lol

Biotherm Aquasource
was a product I got at the Loreal Sale. It was VERY light, a little too light for my skin at times. I ended up putting something else in the container though as the bottle is too pretty. But didn’t like the lotion so toss.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
I wanted to like this, as it was raved to me by the Sephora employee. Unfortunately it irritated the inner corners of my eye, to the point where it would be red and a tad swollen. I should have returned it…and never got around to doing it :(

Korres Anti-aging Primer
This will show up in the other picture as well, but just finished these guys up. Trying to finish my samples sizes, as my stash of them is going crazy. I actually don’t like the smell of this, but used it cause I wanted to use a face primer.

The Face Shop
I liked these samples because of the way you could use them. You fold them in half, and it snaps partially, then you press the ends together to squeeze the products out. Easy Peasy. But again I didn’t like the smell, and irritated my skin a little.

February This & That
Okay…I needed to destash my old glosses. Cause it was just getting bad. I have these drawers, and tofu containers, and boxes that I hold random bits in…and while trying to organize and toss things, this is what I discovered

The Sephora Gloss should have been tossed ages ago. So glad they moved on from giving out Sephora brand birthday gifts…

Annabelle Le Gloss
is now discontinued, but this was my favourite. It was a gorgeous shimmery red, Flash Dance. I hoarded a few when they were being cleared out, so I think I have one new one left…

Joe Fresh Gloss
I got this from JillJello. It was pretty smooth on the lips, but it was hard to pull out product from the tube.

Hard Candy Lip Def Bashful
I got this last year at their event, but it is a little too shimmery for me, so this is being let go now.

Cargo HD Gloss
I bought a lot of these guys when they were being cleared out at Sephora a few years back. I actually liked them because they felt really smooth on the lips, and not sticky. I have one more to get through, and I am almost done.

Annabelle Volume Lip
I couldn’t really feel the plumping, but liked the pigmentation of the product. Plus it wasn’t really sticky.

Quo Night Lite Lip Gloss
I got this forever ago, but kept it for the novelty of the lip. It was just too glittery to use. The light still works, but it needs to go. No need for it to take up space.

Red Earth
I got this from the Lisa’s Sale. Then read somewhere that there was an issue with the products? Or lead issue…I can’t remember. I don’t even know if it was true, but I just figured I would stop using them.

The smell wasn’t a huge hit for me, it was non sticky. Too bad the brand went down.

The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On
Another product from Jill. This is a finer texture, feeling a bit more like an oil. Smelled AWESOME.

February This & That
February This & That
NYX Indian Pink
Got this from a Blogger a long time ago. Wore it like twice? It was just a little too frosty for my liking.

Nivea for Men
These were on clearance for $1, and I bought a lot. Well this is one of the ones that remained…forgotten downstairs in the computer room.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm
I like the light colour it deposits on the lips, but I find that because it is natural, they go bad quite quickly. It ends up smelling odd quick.

Clinique Black Honey Sample
Remember when everyone loved Black Honey? I wanted in on the game too…but it didn’t really look as nice on me as everyone else. Luckily Clinique gives out great samples to try out :)

Revlon Crème Gloss
I had first seen these on Askmewhats and Spiced Beauty. So when I saw them at the Revlon Sales, I couldn’t help but pick them up. Personally I found them a tad sticky, but they were so pretty so I let that go.

February This & That
CoverGirl Liquid Pencil
I cannot tell when I got this. Which means its over 5 years old. I actually found it in my pencil cup on my desk…which I don’t really use as a desk lol All I remember is that it was supposed to be black, but showed up dark blue…which was weird. Plus it would feather on my lids

Stila Convertible Lash and Liner
This was convenient to carry around, but it was long past its due. It was one of the thing I found rolled behind the dresser lol

Loreal Crayon
I actually really liked these. The twisted up, they applied well, and lasted quite decently as well. So I picked up a few more when they were discontinued from the Loreal Sale. Still have one more to get through.

PURE liner
was a gift, but it didn’t really apply very well. But it was a cute little package

Fresh Supernova Mascara
Fresh and I don’t seem to get along to well. It was very dry, and so flaked really quickly.

Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
I won this through their Twitter giveaway. If you have patience to manipulate the wand, it might be smething you could look in to, but it was just a little too big for me. I kept brushing it on to my eyelid lol.

Yeah…hoarder. That was me. I’m trying not to be too insane. Luckily I have friends I can now destash on…and I am finding it easier to let go of some things when I have no use for them. Let’s hope that I can keep that up :)

Hope that you all have a great Monday!

I’m really excited for Friday because I get to head over to my friend HJ’s place. I haven’t seen her pups in awhile, and missed them. Plus I’ll finally be able to relax. I need it desperately.


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