Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion

Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion

When I received this through #BeautyUnited, I was pretty excited. The packaging makes it definitely more teenage friendly, but I have been looking for a moisturizer to use with my routine, that doesn’t make me go nuts.

Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion

Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion
The scent might not be for everyone. Personally I find it a little overwhelming, but that seems to be the theme for me when it comes to Olay products. It also has a weird slight pink shimmer in it…not sure what the function is, but you don’t notice it when it is applied.

As bad as it sounds, I usually skip morning moisturizing. I wash my face, and then head off to apply my makeup. The most I do is spray my face with Laroche Posay or Avene Thermal Water (lately I have been trying a bit more…but it is not consistent). But it has been a tad dry this winter, so this was something I thought I would try out. Moisturizing factor wise, I think that it will probably work better for me in the spring, but still works well enough right now. It isn’t crazy hydrating, where I feel like I need to blot my face (Like the Olay CC Cream), but my skin doesn’t feel tight after application. So really it is JUST right for me to use right now. What I especially like, aside from the fact that it works well with the fact products that I use, is that it leaves my skin feeling smooth like it says. It helps with the dry patches on my face, doesn’t sting, and doesn’t make me overly oily later on in the day.

It reminds me of the Clinique DDM Gel, but a little heavier in terms of helping with the skin, but lighter when it comes to how it absorbs. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but this one is a hard one to describe.

Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion
Product manipulation wise, I liked the pump. You can easily control how much you want. I usually use about a pump to spread over my face. The bad thing is that you can’t tell how much you have used up. I wish that more brands would adopt a clear strip on the side of the product, so you can see what is going on. But I assume that this is an opaque bottle to help the ingredients? Not 100% sure…but even then they could use a darker vacuum base so that you can see it as it starts moving up. Yeah..that would be awesome in my books :P

You can find it at Well.ca, SDM, Rexall…just about anywhere for about ~$15. It may seem pricey, but for someone like me who needs it to absorb quick, and not make me even oilier than I already am, it is worth the price. I can’t stomach paying full price for anything, so I would totally shop this during SDM’s 20x the points event, or make a redemption.

*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*


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