The Influenster Mystery Brand Vox Box

So a little awhile ago, I received the Influenster Mystery Brand Box Box. Basically Influenster sent out these boxes, with no real label other than the parent company, which was Loreal.

Then they told us to try it out, and guess which sub-brand it was. Seeing as there are over 25, it was pretty hard to choose. I just thought that it was Loreal’s line for damaging hair. We actually received the new box revealing the actual brand, but that isn’t the point for this post :P I will share again later though.

In any case, this was a three step treatment for us.

Shampoo, conditioner, and then a repair split end serum.

All in this pale yellow formula, they smelt lovely. Like really nice. Pantene has been my go to brand for the the great part of the last 15 years, and the main reason is the smell. So the fact that this smelt so nice was already a great sign.

Anyway, after using it for a bit…I have to say that it is interesting.

For my hair, I could not use the conditioner after the first few days, as it weighed down my hair a lot. Which is not news to me, as I find that it happens with a lot of brands. It is one of the reasons why I tend to skip conditioner in general. But I did end up liking the use of the shampoo and the serum. You didn’t need a lot of both to achieve some results, and again, it smelled so nice!

My scalp was a little unhappy with me the first few days of use, but after that it disappeared. It was just a tad itchy, but no other issues after the first few days. So I suspect that it was just getting used to the new shampoo that I was throwing at it.

Well, I did get the new full size bottles, so I will be posting about those in the near future.

Just cause, I also embedded the unboxing I had to do for Influenster to this post. No real need to watch, just me rambling. And apparently one person was unhappy about that lol. Oh how people amuse me.


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*

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