Valentine’s NOTD #5

Valentine #5
I used…
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Etude House Hot Pink
Etude House Party Pink

Valentine's #4
Bundle Monster BM-H16*

Valentine #5
For the gradient/gradation I first applied one coat of White On to all the nails. For the second coat, I applied White On only from the nail bed to the middle of the nail. Once dry, I took the two Etude House polishes, and wiped them on a sponge to create the gradient look. One thing to note is that you might want to be quick, as the tackier it gets, the more the sponge bits pull off. So if you look closely, you will see that my mani had little bumps. Yuck.

Once all that was dry, I applied the Candy Hearts print from the Bundle Monster Plate using Hot Pink for the middle Finger, and then used White On for the rest of the nails. I thought this would be good because it would cover up the rough transitions of the gradient on the nail, and soften things up. It is just more forgiving really.

Anyway, the Etude House polishes were gifted to me from my dear Unni friend Y. Love that they are so cute! I hope that Etude House actually starts opening up a store in Toronto soon…I mean Missha made it over…why can’t they??

Valentine #5
Well that is the last mani for this week.

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Anyway Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. Its really like any other day of the year. Lets love our love ones no matter the day, and be happy :)

*This post contains products I have received for free, and products that I have purchased with my own funds. Views and opinions/experiences are my own*

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