Valentine’s NOTD #4

Early last week, I received a lovely Valentine courtesy of Nail Polish Inc. In the envelope, there was a Bundle Monster Plate :D

Valentine's #4

I haven’t played with my stamps in awhile, so it was a great thing to try and incorporate in to the daily nail ideas. This week has been a little all over the place for me…not sure what is up with my body, but I’m overly tired…plus there is the stresses of school. So really stamping manicures are the fastest ways to try and get something on the nails. I actually had a bit more fun by adding the rhinestones again, but I think it made it a little gaudy lol

I used China Glaze VIII (I got mine at Sally’s, but you can also find it at NPC. Also, can you believe that there are kids that don’t know the Roman numerals? I make sure to teach the kids I tutor…I mean it comes in so handy at times :P) which is one of my favourite deep creme purples. I used Nails Inc South Kensington (which you can find at SDM) to stamp with the Bundle Monster Plate BM-H16* (which is unfortunately OOS as of this post :() on to the nails. I stamped “Love” on the thumb, and the roses on the rest of the nails. I then added the rhinestones. I think I should have added another line of them under the “Love”. But oh well.

Valentine's #4

Valentine's #4

Valentine's #4

Anyway, this was just to show that you don’t have to use pink or red for Valentine’s. I mean, whatever you want to use, as long as its fun and you like it :)

As I am single, I won’t be doing anything out of the ordinary this Friday, but I do look forward to hearing the fun stories from my girl friends. Though…another friend and I have a bet on how many Valentine’s Day proposals we will see in the next upcoming days on Facebook. Ha.

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