Valentine’s NOTD #3

Valentine's #3

Valentine's #3
Valentine's #3
I made decals by using CoverGirl Ever Reddy*, and Nails Inc South Kensington. I made a few hearts using the toothpick method, which you can see HERE. I linked that one because she made such cute Sanrio characters :D

I’m actually still on the look out for heart punches, so I can just punch them out. Anyway, mine was a bit…jaggedy on the edges, but hopefully yours turn out better.

Valentine's #3
I then applied two coats of Hard Candy Crush on Pink, which I picked up in the Fall. Such a lovely colour. Generally I think they did the crushed metals so well.

Valentine's #3
Valentine's #3
Valentine's #3

I peeled off the hearts and situated them on my ring finger, and cut strips of the red and silver. I thought it would be cute to make the divisions on the nails, and make it look like a French manicure look. In hindsight, I think that I should have used just the red. The mix of the three colours makes it look a little…overboard.

You could also just stop at the accent nail. I think that a dark base would also look very pretty. I did want to do an anti-Valentine’s day, but I might save that for tomorrow instead.

Valentine's #3

Valentine’s NOTD #1
Valentine’s NOTD #2

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