My grabby hands have been loving…

…The Vasanti Tinted Lip balm :D

Vasanti Tinted Lip Balm

A few weeks ago, I met up with two lovely friends. As we were sipping on our Bubble Teas after a yummy dinner…Watercoloursky pulled out some goodies!

One of which was the Vasanti Tinted Lip Balm, which she didn’t end up using. Retailing for $15, it was something I wanted to check out, but the last time Rexall had their infamous BOGO sale, I just picked up two lipsticks instead. I regret that now, as they are pretty awesome.

Vasanti Tinted Lip Balm

Though it looks insanely dark, it applies a very sheer wash of colour. On me, it just made it a touch darker, and redder. What I also like is the slight sheen it gives my lips.

Vasanti Tinted Lip Balm

Now the downfall to this would be that it might not be hydrating enough for most people. Especially now, during the winter. In addition, you will need to apply if you drink or eat something. But you don’t need a mirror to ensure that it didn’t apply messily, so that it one of the pro’s that I love about it.

Another pro was that this contains mango seed butter, and I was worried that I would have a reaction (as I am allergic to the fruit). Thank goodness to report that my lips didn’t feel weird, woohoo :D

You can find Vasanti at select SDM locations, Rexall,, or their own website.

*Products in this post were given to me by a friend*


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