Reminiscing about childhood…

Still working on math, but needed a smaller eraser than what I was using. Went nuts looking for my erasers…

Found the ones I used to collect as a kid…I couldn’t let them go because of sentimentality

Anyway, I just laughed thinking about some of these. I normally have horrible memory, so considering I remember these…its story time :)

Before I collected nail polish, blush and eye shadow…I collected stickers and erasers.

Anyone remember Yikes Erasers (I think they did pencils as well). I liked them cause some where see through like this one.

When I played the violin, my teacher used to bribe me w pochacco erasers to keep proper form (again, see through)

Clifford & the car were from book fairs in grade school. I bought the car cause its a squishy eraser lol the korean money one is one that my cousin bought me (cause I wanted it) when I went to Korean for the first time when I was 6 (I think)

Lastly the hello kitty. I used to go to Saturday School for math and english in grade 4. It was held at Oise St George, so I would have to take the subway home. Well if you know the station, you know its connected to the Oise building. Well inside the station there is a little shop to buy candy. One day, I saw the Hello kitty erasers. It was a pack of 5, and they were thin rods. I had to have it. So I saved some money, and secretly bought it. But the thing is, 5 wasn’t enough. So I took a box cutter and sliced them up to thin Hello Kitty slices…yeah…I don’t get it either, but this one survived lol

I was such an odd child :)

Okay…bad to working on learning this math for the morning teaching session… oTL

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