Every day I am swa-at-ching…

FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013

I was pretty excited to pick up a few more from this line, so that it would complete what I have right now. Anyway, today I wanted to share the FingerPaints Soak Off Gel Holiday 2013 collection.

Anyway I just wanted to share quick swatches of these guys, as they are currently on clearance at Sally Beauty for about $6-7. In addition, this weekend all clearance products are an additional 50% off. So this makes it such a great deal.

Biggest issue I had with this line was the fact that I didn’t realize how pretty most of them were. The caps are not accurate in telling you what is the colour inside, which means that people open them up to check. Unfortunately I ended up getting an unfortunate opened up on of Jingle & Mingle (or that is what I suspect, as it is a tad goopy).

So let’s check out the lovely gel polishes.

Note 1: that I used two coats for all the polishes, even if I could get away with just one coat.

Note 2: in order to use these products, you will need a UV or LED lamp to cure them. Improper use of these will lead to issues such as severe allergic reactions. So do read up on proper applications if you decide to venture in to the world of Soak off Gels.

Good Golly Miss Holly
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
This is a lovely metallic like green. It has a touch of blue in it, so it isn’t like the cap at all. Anyway, the sheen is quite lovely. What is even better is that you could get away with only one coat of this! Which is lovely in my books

Snow Globe Shimmer
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
I actually bought this back when it was released. I had coupons that I could use, from renewing my membership with Sally Beauty. So I got it relatively cheap (though not as cheap as I snagged them yesterday :P).

I wore this as an accent in a recent SOG mani HERE.


Splash of Bubbly
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
Splash of Bubbly was another surprise. The cap makes it look like a solid gold. So I figured I would use it to mix with other glitter polishes. When I opened it at home though, it turned out that it was GLITTER!!! Of course I was happy I got it. The glitter is quite dense in this SOG, and again you could get away with one coat of this. Anyway, I love that this isn’t too in your face. Just the right amount of shimmer, but not overly done up if you choose to do all your nails with it.

New Year’s Kiss
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
I wanted a lovely red, so I knew I wanted this. Again this was another colour that could pass off just one coat. It has a bit of micro shimmer in it, and I find that it suits my skin tone so well. Score!

Jingle & Mingle
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
Jingle & Mingle was one I wanted to love. It is a black SOG with silver glitter. The problem with this was that it was so difficult to apply. In addition the formula was really chunky, and I needed two thin coats of a top coat to smooth it over. This one required two coats, as it was a little patchy as well.

FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013
FingerPaints SOG Holiday 2013

In any case, I’m still glad that I got them all. They still are pretty in their own way, and they made great additions to my collection. And the price! Such a great deal when you score these for ~$3 on clearance. They also contain more than what you would get in Gelish or Quo by Orly Gels, so that also makes it worth the price.

Anyway, if you are bored, check out Instagram, Twitter, or my FaceBook Page for pictures of the Pantene Beautiful Hair Bar #pantenebeautifulhair event that I am attending courtesy of #BeautyUnited. I will be hanging out with Kelly of GlitterDiaries and Michelle of A Lovely Allure, so it should be a fun afternoon :) Hope you all have a great weekend as well!


2 thoughts on “Every day I am swa-at-ching…

  1. LOVE Jingle and Mingle! These are all really pretty to be honest. I never really paid attention to the Finger Paint Gels, I will definitely check out what they have in store the next time I am there.

    • I had such high expectations of it…but my friend was saying maybe its supposed to be like a texture gel polish, as it was pretty gritty. Anyway, you should! Great for the price :)

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