A little regret…

The sale section, as well as the cheap little deals you can buy at the bottom of the checkout on Sephora…are deadly.

I mean you decide to spend some money…when you shouldn’t. Ignoring that, you decide to buy something. One little thing won’t hurt. And it shouldn’t, wouldn’t, until you get to the checkout and see the little $12 or whatever priced deal.

Well…if you don’t know how that feels…well…*twiddles thumbs* xD

Anyway, today I just wanted to show the little swatch of NARS Enchanted.

I noticed that it was $12, so why not, right?

NARS Enchanted

NARS Enchanted
It looks really pretty, but I wasn’t expecting all the glitter.

In addition it ended up being a little too light. Which meant that it was hard for it to show on my skin. Shucks again.

NARS Enchanted
All that glitter…not usually a fan of glitter in my blush. Shimmer = ok…but not glitter.

NARS Enchanted
Once you dust off the glitter, after the blush dries down a bit, it does look nice.

In my case this was a very glittery, and very light colour. Using a duo fibre brush didn’t give me enough colour, so I use my fingers to pat and blend it on my cheek instead. The product itself is also quite gritty because of the glitter, and I found that as the day moved on, the glitter would transfer itself to other places…or just migrate down. Not a great final look really.

So in the end…I wish I didn’t buy it. But couldn’t help the price tag lol

Probably will go to one of my friends who are lighter than me. If they don’t mind glitter :)

Anything you bought recently that you regret picking up?


6 thoughts on “A little regret…

  1. I had this in my cart, then waited for something else to be back in stock, so it was gone the next day. Now I’m glad I didn’t get it. Thanks for the review

    • Yes, I like shimmer, but it was the first time trying out glitter. And it was a bit much…but hey, at least now i know :D

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