CoverGirl’s Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices

Many months ago, this little product found its way in to my stash, thanks to Beauty United and CoverGirl unveiling back in the summer.

What does CoverGirl have to say about this product?

Flaunt the coveted beach-bronze glow in one simple step. This versatile 3-in-1 multi-shade compact lets you customize your color to create a radiant effect. Use just one color or all three!

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CoverGirl Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices

CoverGirl Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices
I usually just pat the brush in to the pan. Though sometimes I will sweep it through instead.

CoverGirl Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices
I have acne scarring from my teens (and even more now with adult acne -___-). So basically on the side of my face, I have darkened skin, which kind of makes it look like some sort of contour. What I like about this is that when blended it looks very natural, so the damaged skin actually looks nice. Always a nice perk :) I also like that it is build-able, and to an extent customizable depending on how you utilize the three stripes.

CoverGirl Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices
Depending on what I am going for, I like using these brushes. Real Techniques, Annabelle (Discontinued, and Bdellium Tools Brushes). Basically when I want to contour, I use the small Real Techniques, but when I want to use it as a blush I use the Annabelle and Bdellium.

You can find it almost at all locations where you will normally find CoverGirl products. You can also find it on for about $9.

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