Double Double

Back during the Winter Blackout of 2013, I received a few goodies to play with, thanks to Marcelle. One of the products part of that baggie of goodies, was the new Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

Marcelle Double Precision

Marcelle Double Precision

What is awesome about this, is that it has two different ends, one felt tip that is a little thicker, and one end that is a really fine brush tip. I love that I could use either end depending on what kind of look that I am going for. In addition, it makes lining the lower lashes really easy with the brush tip, as it helps you not go over the top with the liner (unless you want).

It also touts waterproof, 12 hour + hold, and smudgeproof, which really is what you want for all your liners. Especially if you have oily skin! My eyes get a bit teary at times, so I end up messing up the inner liner. However I found that this resisted that quite well.

It can be a little hard to work with these types of brushes, BUT I found this tip helpful from this StarKing episode (Clip below). Basically you place your liner at the edge of your lashes, and move the brush up to touch the edge of your eyelid. That way, you can really get as close as you can to your eyelid, and use your eyelid as a guide for a nice and straight line. That is what I did with this. But since I have monolids, I do have to freehand it for a thicker line, but at least I get right to the edge of my lashes this way.

Marcelle Double Precision
MAC Paint Point Chilled On Ice
MAC Double Feature 8
Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

Marcelle Double Precision

Marcelle Double Precision

I applied Chilled on Ice all over the lid. I should have used it a bit sparingly, but went a little nuts and got REALLY glittery. In any case, I then patted on the orange from Double Feature 8 into the inner half of the lid. Then patted on the purple from Double Feature 8 to the outer half of the lid (on a side note, the purple is so hard to work with. Goes on patchy even when patting on the lid. Very annoying cause it looks so pretty in the pan :(). I used a soft brush to bring in the colour a bit more. I lined my eye with the Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen, using the felt tip side. I then lined the lower inner half of the eye with the liner, and then lined the lower outer half with the purple from the Double Feature 8 again. Lastly, I applied Clump Crusher on the lower lashes (I should write about this soon, its been ages since I’ve received them from BeautyUnited and Elle), while applying Xtension Plus on the upper lashes. Ideally a set of lashes would make this look much better, but I couldn’t as I have yet to find good glue I don’t have a reaction to.

*I received Double Precision complimentary by the brand for review purposes. I also received complimentary Clump Crusher for review purposes as part of BeautyUnited. Views/opinions about all products are of my own, and no compensation was provided for this post*


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