Playing around with makeup removers pads

Makeup Remover Pads

I used to see makeup removal as being SUCH a pain. I mean, some of it wouldn’t come off because they were waterproof, and others were just down right hateful.

In the last few years, I have dabbled about with a lot of different products, and for the most part will use oil cleansers for the double cleansing method. I figured if I wanted to try and protect the skin that I have neglected for so long, I should just clean it twice.

In any case, there are times when I would like a little extra help on my eyes, without the use of the oil cleanser…so…I thought I would check out remover pads that were specific for eyes. I have finished these guys up, and you will notice them in my Blacklog of Empties post.

Generally, my standard for remover is my Fairy Drops Volume Bust Waterproof Mascara. It is hard to remove so I usually use an oil cleanser.

When I used the pads, I press them to my eyes so that the lashes are pointed up, then after about 15 seconds, I press them so that my lashes are pointed down. I then lightly wipe down, not too hard otherwise you will pull out lashes.

Makeup Remover Pads
I used the following products for testing:
Fairy Drops Volume Burst Waterproof Mascara
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner (Waterproof)
Annabelle Smudgeliner in Smokey Blue
Annabelle Waterproof Lip Liner in Rose
Annabelle Smoothie in Absinthe Minded (Longwear)

Makeup Remover Pads
15 secs – a lot of it was removed
+10 secs – Fairy Drust remains
+10 secs – almost all gone

Makeup Remover Pads
15 secs – the creamier products were easiest to remove
+10 secs – MUFE and Fairy Dust persist
+10 secs – Fairy Dust Persists
+5 secs

Makeup Remover Pads
(left is Almay, right is Marcelle)
What I liked about the Marcelle is that is has different textures on both sides. One has a smooth side, the other has circular bumps. Almay on the other hand is just smooth on both sides. The other thing is that Marcelle is more moist than the Almay one.

Two tips, you can turn it upside down to make sure all the liquid doesn’t settle on the bottom (an issue I had with Clearasil Acne pads in the past), or every week take out half of the pads, and stuff it at the bottom of the tower. More hassle I know, but make sure you wash your hands before doing so if you do use that way.

Generally I think that the Almay one worked better, but I just could not stand the smell of it. I suspect aloe, but don’t recognize it in the ingredients. Like, it is just really foul smelling to me. Maybe it won’t be for others, but I cannot stand it.

On another note, neither claim to remove waterproof makeup, as Marcelle states removing of “long-wearing”, but Almay states “all traces of makeup” (which, without its distinction, could indicate waterproof as well).

In the end I wasn’t too sure what to do with these two. I did end up using the Marcelle one for my eyes once in awhile (especially on days when I went heavy on the MUFE Aqua Liner), but ended up using both for swatches instead.

Do you use a eye specific makeup remover pad?

*I received the Almay Removers as part of a thank you bag for participating in their focus group. The Marcelle Removers were purchased with my own funds. All opinions are my own*


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    • I get mine online from
      they are currently oos of the purple one that I like…need to bug them on FB to see if they will get restocked soon, cause I love it. If I put in an order, will let you know. You could piggy back on my order, if that’s all that you are getting

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